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PS5 WiFi Issues: Here’s How You Can Troubleshoot

Restore internet connectivity on your PS5 console.

The standard and the digital versions of PS5 require an internet connection for playing games and accessing online content and if you encounter WiFi issues in PS5, you won’t be able to use the console unless you restore the internet connection. If you have connected the gaming console to the internet using WiFi, then you must have encountered network issues, and one of the most commonly reported problems is PS5 WiFi issues, where the console becomes almost unusable due to the loss of internet connectivity. Let’s discuss how you can fix the internet connection dropping on PS5. 

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Common Causes for PS5 WiFi Issues

As mentioned earlier, PS5 WiFi issues have been reported by a whole lot of players ever since the console’s introduction in 2020. Any of the following can be the reason for PS5 WiFi issues:

  • The router has been placed far away from the gaming console.
  • There are a bunch of other devices, which are connected to the source of the wireless signal. If the router has a limit on the number of devices that it connects to, exceeding that limit will automatically disconnect the PS5. 
  • The problem might be due to some temporary glitch in the router itself.
  • If you are using a modem, this problem might arise in case it is faulty.
  • Any fault within the internal hardware can also create WiFi issues on your PS5.
PS5 WiFi Issues
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Fix for PS5 WiFi Issues: Restore Dropped WiFi Connection on PS5

Here are a bunch of things you can do to restore dropped WiFi connection on PS5.

Check the Wi-Fi Connectivity on Other Devices

The first thing you should do if you experience network issues in PS5 is to see if other WiFi-connected devices in your home, such as smartphones and PCs, are connected to the internet via WiFi. If unstable connectivity is observed across the devices, there might be a problem with broadband connectivity on your internet service provider’s end, or it can also be caused because of a faulty router.

Restarting the Gaming Console

Restarting any device can solve minor glitches, and in this case, it is no different. You should consider restarting the PS5 to get solve any issue that you encounter with internet connectivity. Press the PlayStation button on your controller. Now, you need to select the Power option present on the extreme right of the bottom row. After clicking on the Power option, you should select the Restart PS5 option to restart the device. 

Ensure the Login Credentials are Correct

Entering the wrong login credentials can produce results similar to having WiFi issues in PS5. If you think that is the case, then you need to provide the right credentials. On the main menu at the top right corner, you will see the Settings option. After opening Settings, select Network. Ensure that your PS5 is connected to the correct SSID. In case your PS5 is not connected to the internet, select ‘Setup Internet Connection’. Select your network from the long list of available SSIDs and enter the correct password. 

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Bring Both the Systems Closer

WiFi can transmit its signals up to a certain extent. If the distance between the router and the gaming console increases, then there is a high chance of signal degradation. You need to check the signal strength to know whether the distance between the router and PS5 is causing the trouble. Open Network in Settings and go to the ‘Connection Status’ tab. Click on ‘View Connection Status’ and search for ‘Signal Strength’. In case the signal strength is less than 80%, you need to take the necessary steps to improve that, and the first thing you should do is bring the PS5 and the WiFi router closer. 

Bar Other Devices From Connecting to the Internet

Having a limited bandwidth can make your PS5 suffer if a number of devices are connected to the WiFi router. To make the PS5 function normal by providing it with a significant amount of bandwidth, you need to prevent other devices from pulling more data from the router. Do not stream high-quality videos or download large documents and multimedia files on other devices while you are gaming on your PS5. 

The Bottom Line

If you think that you are experiencing PS5 WiFi issues, then you can use the above solutions to fix network connectivity in PlayStation 5. In case none of these work, you can choose to go with a Factory Reset, or you can use an Ethernet cable for connecting to the internet. There is also a possibility that the problem is with the hardware. Irrespective of the cause of the problem, fix it as soon as possible and have fun while playing games on your PS5.

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