Saint Row 5 – What To Expect From The Next Saint Row Game

2020 is when the Saint Row 5 Trailer will drop!

Saint Row franchise has always been one of the open-world games. This makes Saint Row 5 one of the most awaited games of 2020.

Saint Row has always been one of the different types of open-world games. It is all about madness and having fun. The difference can be felt almost instantly when you boot up the game for the first time. The pacing is different from a lot of arcades touch to the combat as well.

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Will there be Saint Row 5? Release Date Speculation

THQ Nordic is proactive when it comes to telling us about the next Saint Row game. In August, they came forward and confirmed that Saint Row is currently in development. However, they didn’t mention anything about the release date. Apart from the release date, from what THQ Nordic hinted that the Saint Row game would be just like “saint row.”

In comparison, Grand Theft Auto has evolved from an arcade-style game to a more realistic type of game, including driving, walking, and other in-game mechanics. Koch Media CEO Klemens Kundratitz also commented on the upcoming game. He said that the Saint Row game would be Saints Row game. Even though the first two Saint row games were similar in many aspects, they also offered something new. THQ Nordic owns Koch Media.

What can we expect from the new Saint Row 5?

Saint Row 5 can bring a plethora of new things to the table. Firstly, we can see an improvement in the graphical department of the game. The last few games were okayish when it comes to graphics, but the new version can be somewhat close to the current graphics standards.

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The team should also need to be wary about the failure of the Agents of Mayhem. It does sound and play similar to Saint Row game but does lack a lot of things that make it exciting. It was not a success, and the team needs to take note of what things went wrong.

The new game can also more a crazy thing to the game. Saint Row is known for pure fun, and this can continue in the upcoming game. Another thing that the new Saint Row needs to have a little polish. If done right, it can change how open-world games work.

What should we expect?

As a Saint Row fan, you should expect more fun from the upcoming series. The last two iterations did try to make it more realistic and hence made it less fun. The core should be fun, and we do agree on that. Another thing that we can expect is how the game should be released.

Saint Row 5
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Most of the time, bugs ruin the gaming experience, and we hope that THQ Nordic take their sweet time and release a well-polished game. THQ Nordic has promised to show trailer or gameplay in 2020. So, are you waiting eagerly for the game? Comment below and let us know.

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