Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield To Have Old Gen Pokemon

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield Will Be Dropping On November 15th on Nintendo Switch

  • Nintendo has finally confirmed the release date of its two upcoming Pokemon games.
  • Pokemon Sword and Shield will be making their way to the Nintendo Switch on November 15, internationally.
  • Both games are up for preorder on the Nintendo eShop for $60 each.

If you are a long-term Pokemon fan and have been waiting for the release of Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, we have some good news for you, the game is officially slated for release on November 15. With less than a month to go, Nintendo has confirmed that both titles will be making their way to the Nintendo Switch.

All Pokemon will be available on Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield
Image Credit: Pokemon

One of the biggest complaints many had during the announcement of Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield was that not all Pokemon would be available in the upcoming titles. That seems to have changed with Nintendo confirming Pokemon from all console generations will be making their way to the upcoming flagship titles.

For those who are concerned about which edition they should be purchasing, there is no correct answer. You can purchase either version, and you will be missing out on some Pokemon. The campaign in both Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield is going to be the same with minor differences. If you want to complete your Pokedex, you will need to find a trade partner.

With Nintendo Online Services being available, trading might not require local connections. We just might get to trade Pokemon with our friends on Nintendo Online using their friend IDs. There has been no confirmation regarding this so far, but we hope we are not restricted to Nintendo’s age-old policies of trading is restricted to face-to-face trades only.

For those who are new to Pokemon, it is essentially an open-world game where you get to explore and capture magical creatures. They can be used to battle other Pokemon as you make your way through the ranks to become the next Pokemon master. The games are really fun, and you do not need to play prior games to have fun.

We are looking forward to Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, are you? Let us know in the comments below.

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