Why Are Streamers Transferring To Mixer?

Today we will take a look at Mixer and Twitch Transfer Battles.

Twitch is the number one streamingĀ platform without a doubt. However, there are competitorsĀ out there, and these competitorsĀ are growing every day. There are maybe hundreds of thousands of streamers nowadays. People are trying streaming a little bit like trying to earn the lottery. They keep asking themselves what if I can become one of the stars. Most of the top streamers are great players. A significant number of these top tier streamers are ex-pro players. This makes the market very small. Sometimes even if you were a great player in a particular game, even if you stream you may not get even one viewer. This is the sad part of streaming. It is done by thousands, but the percentage of success is really small. As we have said before there are competitors against Twitch, and probably the most interesting one is Mixer.

“Mixer” platform is owned by Microsoft. It has been around for some time now. However, it did not gain a lot of popularity until recently. There was several different reasons for this. But the biggest one is Twitch has a huge monopoly in the market, and the viewers are used to this. However, can we say the same thing about the streamers? Streaming in Twitch is an experience. However, most of the streamers are not happy with the amount of commission that Twitch takes. Also, the need to keep up a standard. This is very important for streamers. In the last 6 months, we have seen several top streamers moving away from Twitch to Mixer.

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So why did streamers started to transfer to Mixer? One thing was obvious, somethingĀ Twitch did not offer them, Contracts. These contracts are changing the streaming world as we speak. Mixer offered these streamers, contracts. Meaning no matter how they perform, they will get a base amount of money. Of course, before this, these streamers needed to keep up their viewer numbers high to earn money. However, after both Ninja and Shroud moved to Mixer, we have seen a significant drop in their viewer numbers. But they do not need to mind this. Because of their contract. Their contract is providing a shield for them. Of course, according to Shroud, they are glad that this happened, because now only the real supporters are watching their streams nowadays.

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However, after a few shaky months, Twitch still has the majority of the share. But now they also have to offer contracts to streamers. Especially the top ones. Streaming is already a global job. These people are paying their taxes, etc. There is Steam for streaming, Youtube, Facebook, Twitch, Mixer the list goes on. Ninja and Shroud moved to Mixer and their viewer numbers decreased, but they have earned something for all the streamers, and that is very important. Streaming is like a full-time job nowadays, and why should not they get contracts?

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