Apex Legends Might Add Explosives

Several leaks suggest that Apex Legends might be adding explosives into the game.

Apex Legends is one of the most popular games in the world. The game is a hero based Battle Royale. This is different from the ones we have seen before. PUBG and Fortnite do not have any differences between characters besides purely cosmetic ones. But Apex Legends has legends that are unique and complete each other’s gameplay. Because the game consists of heroes you will need a team of 3 as well. The game started with lots of promise-breaking several world records in the first month alone was impressive. There were problems here and there but since then Apex Legends improved their game a lot. The game has very nice skins also. If you are into  Fortnite as well you can now grab your Fortnite Darkfire Bundle on all platforms.

Respawn Entertainment did a good job. Players were about to delete the game. But Apex Legends Season 3 Meltdown changed this. Respawn Entertainment added a hero called Crypto. Crypto was not only a hero just to add more content. Crypto also shows us what might come to the game in the future. We saw that tactical gameplay will be the most important thing, in the future. Running and gunning are simply gone. Crypto forces teams to work together his drone is very valuable for info, and with his EMP he might be the sole decider in a fight.

Apex Legends showed by adding a tactical legend, they might provide tools for this kind of gameplay. Also, recent leaks suggest that this might be correct. According to leakers in several of the game files, there are some very interesting items coming into the game in the future. These items might not make into the game. One of these items is remote detonated C4 charges. This item can be placed anywhere on the map and blown up by pressing a button. This can create fun gameplays in the future. It is the perfect example of a trap, and it requires very well tactical gameplay. But currently, we are not sure if there is a timer set on it or it explodes right away. Because if it is a timer-based version several of the heroes such as Octane might avoid it.

C4 Explosive
Image Credit: Reddit – u/SRADGIRL555
Apex Legends
Image Credit: Reddit – u/SRADGIRL555

There are also many interesting additions coming from the leakers. For example, we might be able to see rocket launchers soon. This weapon as we all know is a fan favorite in most of the games. Also, drone grenades can be an interesting option. This does look a lot like a grenade with legs. We are wondering if we can just draw a route for it to walk and it detonates when it reaches the destination. Also, we have to keep in mind that several of these items might be for a specific new legend. But even though it is like that, there are so many to put in with a single legend.

ocket Launcher
Image Credit: Reddit – u/SRADGIRL555

Apex Legends seem to be improving their game a lot. They are of course the newest and the most unexpected contender in this league. But the game is growing without a doubt. Apex Legends passes 70 million players mark in 8 months. However, maybe the most unexpected challenger can be Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Battle Royale mode. According to leaks, there is a chance of this mode coming for free. If it does come for free, we might see some big shifts in the Battle Royale market.

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