Facebook Releases Private Instagram – Like Threads App

You can share photos and messages with your loved ones with a bunch of privacy features

  • The new app from Facebook is focused on privacy and lets you share content with select users.
  • Facebook is calling it a “camera-first” app and it is the first of its kind to have so many sharing options within the camera options.
  • The app is downloadable for iOS and Android right now.

Facebook continues to dominate the social media sphere with yet another app launch that gives users a chance to bolster their privacy while sharing images and messages. Their new Threads app is designed to let you share anything with your close friends only and has a ton of privacy features.

What’s New with Threads?

Facebook Threads
Image Credit: Facebook

Facebook had initially launched a Close Friends feature last year on Instagram and Threads is a similar feature. You can choose which of your contacts can see your content. There is a contacts shortcut in the camera UI of the app making sharing easier than any other social media platform out there.

Threads also offers a ton of customization features. While it does not add much in terms of functionality over something like Snapchat, it is nice to have a privacy-focused app from Facebook. There are some great theme options to choose from if you want to switch around the colors.

The barebones messaging app is great for those who want a minimalistic app for all their social media needs. If you do not want to be bombarded with things you do not want to see, this is a nice little private app that you can use. Facebook is marketing Threads as a camera-first app and we can expect more features down the line. For now, you get access to a robust set of camera features borrowed from Facebook’s other platforms.

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