Gears 6 Overview – What to Expect from The Coalition

Will the COG come to an end in Gears 6 or will they finally put an end to the Locust swarm once and for all?

Here is our overview of Gears 6 and what we expect to happen in the campaign in the upcoming title. However, if you have not finished Gears 5, we recommend finishing the game first as this post contains major spoilers. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Gears 6 Campaign

Gears 6
Image Credit: The Coalition

First things first, the campaign in Gears 5 set up for some spectacular scenes for the upcoming title. The most brutal choice we were given in this year’s Gears game was where we had to choose between JD and Del. For new players who played Gears 5 for the first time, this might have been an easy choice as JD was left out of the campaign, for the most part, making it easy for them to pick del. But if you are a Gears veteran, then you know how important the Fenix family name is.

Marcus Fenix was central to the first trilogy, and JD was all lined up to be the star of the new trilogy. But The Coalition changed things up and brought Kait Diaz to the forefront. Gears 6 will be about revenge and payback, and we can’t wait to see the Locusts being ended once and for all.

Is Kait Really Cured?

Gears 6
Image Credit: The Coalition

One of the most important developments leading up to Gears 6 is the rebirth of Kait Diaz. We saw Kait being handed a symbol of the Locusts in Gears 4. In Gears 5, we found a way to get rid of Kait’s “sickness” that caused her to have visions. She event killed her own uncle because the Locusts managed to take control of her mind. But all of a sudden, killing the Matriarch ended the influence of the Locusts on Kait.

But the events that transpired were way too convenient. Kait was cured out of nowhere, and at the end of this year’s title, she vowed to go against her mother, the very person she wanted to save for two games. This is nothing but a theory at this point, according to fans, but we may actually see Kait turn to the Locusts’ side. After all, we know how she is connected to them, and she can easily be manipulated by them.

COG’s Secrets Uncovered

The COG has plenty of dirty secrets that we do not know of yet, and they may be uncovered in the next game. It is likely that Gears 6 will close off the current trilogy before proceeding with other spinoff or mainline titles. We got a glimpse into why people hate the COG, and there is plenty of good reason behind them. The experiments of the COG is what led to this whole mess in the first place. The Locusts would not have existed if the COG didn’t perform their ugly experiments.

Even though the COG tried to bury its secrets, they could not be hidden for long. Will we see the end of the COG, or are they too important to fight the Locusts at this point? We can only wait and watch. Stay tuned for our Gears 6 wiki, which will be available at launch.

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