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PS3 Controller Charging Issue: 5 Easy Tricks to Solve

Can't get your PS3 controller to charge? Let's fix it!

If you are a die-hard fan of playing video games on PlayStation, the PS3 controller charging issue can be annoying for you. In case you are trying to turn on your PS3 controller but nothing happens, it can be safely assumed that the battery has died. 

Sometimes, even after plugging it to charge, either no lights flash or four red lights start blinking. Also, no matter how long the PS3 controller is kept plugged into the charger, it does not get charged up appropriately. Are you facing the exact same issues mentioned above? Then our thorough guide to solving the PS3 controller charging issue can assist you in the process.  

Reasons Behind PS3 Controller Charging Issue

You will usually find two types of PS3 controller available in the market, which include – 

  1. Dualshock 3
  2. Sixaxis (The older and discontinued version)
PS3 Controller Charging Issue
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With the help of a micro USB cable, you can make a direct connection between the PS3 controller and the console. Using the Bluetooth feature available in both versions, wireless play can also be performed. The internal battery present in each controller gets charged up after being connected to the PS3. 

The Dualshock 3 featuring vibration capability is the only distinguishable difference between the two versions. Also, many third-party manufacturers have built PS3-compatible controllers. However, all of them are made of similar technology, and therefore, are inclined to similar types of technical issues.

The prominent reasons behind the PS3 controller charging issue include – 

  • Error in syncing between the PS3 console and the controller. 
  • Issues with the battery of the controller. 
  • Problems in the internal hardware of the controller. 

What Do When PS3 Controller Charging Issue Occurs?

Try Out Some Basic Troubleshooting Techniques 

It is better to take some essential steps to recognize the origin of the problem before beginning to disassemble your PS3 controller. 

  • Switch off your PS3 controller once again and switch it back on to check whether this trick solves the issue.
  • If at all possible, connect a different console to your PS3 controller to ensure that your PS3 hardware is not causing the issue. 
  • Also, ensure the USB cable which connects the console to your PS3 controller is functioning accordingly. 
  • Take out any other USB cables that you have plugged into your PS3 while attempting to sync it with the console. 
  • In case of using a wireless controller, make sure that the battery of the controller is charged and the controller unit is placed within a radius of 30 feet around the console. 
  • Before syncing your wireless controller, be sure that your console is not paired with more than six other Bluetooth peripherals.

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Opt for Battery Replacement 

In case, the controller fails to turn on at all, understand that the battery or internal hardware is problematic. First, pull out the battery and re-plug it.

Step 1: Make use of an eyeglass repair kit to unclip the PS3 controller’s back. 

Step 2: Find out a single tiny watch battery located near the motherboard’s upper left side in official Sony PS3 controllers. 

Step 3: Remove the battery carefully and keep it aside for 30 seconds.  

Step 4: Insert the battery again to see if the controller begins working. 

Step 5: If this technique does not put things back on track, you need to insert a new battery as a replacement for the older one. The usual watch batteries will suit. 

Try Resetting Your PS3 Controller

You can try resetting the controller if it does not support a wireless connection but functions while being plugged in. 

  • Switch off your PS3 controller. 
  • Insert the controller into the console’s USB port. 
  • Switch on your PS3. 
  • Press down the tiny reset button placed inside the small hole on the controller’s back near the L2 shoulder button. 
  • Finally, press the controller’s PS button to re-connect it with the PS3. 

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Go for Cleaning Your Motherboard 

Despite trying all the techniques, if the controller still does not get connected, then either the internal hardware or the motherboard is the root of your problem. Attempt cleaning the motherboard with compressed air, but also perform the process carefully to avoid causing further harm to the device. 

Communicate with the Manufacturer 

If your official Sony PS3 controller is still under warranty, then contacting Playstation Support would be a good idea. In some cases, your controller will be replaced by a brand new unit, should the manufacturer fail to have your damaged controller repaired. Find the model number at the back to find out in detail about the make and model of your controller. In case, the manufacturer of your controller is different, then contact them accordingly to get the device fixed. 

The Bottom Line

The PS3 controller charging issue can cause a lot of disgust for a video game lover. This guide is designed to help you with the solving of the issue faster. If you come across any issue with the charging of your PS3 controller, try to get it repaired as early as possible using the above-mentioned techniques. Don’t let the PS3 controller charging issue create a hindrance between you and your smooth gaming experience.

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