Rebel Inc. Review

Rebel Inc. is an interesting political and military simulator.

Rebel Inc. is developed by Ndemic Creations. The game is a unique and interesting political and military simulation. Ndemic Creations is the developer of infamous “Plague Inc.”.

The game is played on a map. Players are trying to stabilize their country after a war. However, there are insurgents trying to destabilize it. The gameplay is highly realistic and it’s realistically hard. There are six governors to choose from. Each of these governors comes with unique abilities. For example, you can choose an economist governor and you can receive an income bonus for an entire year. You can choose a Warlord and train a personal army. The landscape looks like Middle Eastern and according to the developers it was inspired by Afghanistan. The vibe is given very well and the map design is spot on. Just like Plague Inc., we are sure, that this game will achieve success as well.

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Real-World Problems

Military initiatives are all about controlling your army and improving them. These initiatives are automatic. You can just give the order. Your army will do it immediately. When you are planning, in the beginning, it may feel very complex but they start paying off after some time. There are many things you can improve around your country. Such as roads etc.

The game’s AI is extremely good. You are always under pressure by insurgents. You have to fight with these insurgents in order to stabilize your country. There are many ways to deal with them also many tools at your disposal. Such as intelligence reports. You need to form complex strategies in order to win. Rebel Inc. is still in Early Access. Even though it is an Early Access the game, you have 5 regions to stabilize. These regions all have different strategic environments. The graphics of the game is ok for an indie company. We should not expect AAA game performance anyway.

Many problems of the game are real-world situations that we hear from the news. Such as Refugee Crisis. All of the problems have solutions with different methods. However, after sometime you feel like there is not a good choice. This also shows if you are having so hard time in the game, imagine what the real problem would be like. 

Reebel Inc. Tree
Image Credit: Steam

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Rebel Inc.’s economic system also designed very well. For example, according to the amount of money you spend, you also get an increase in your inflation rates and corruption and this leads to more direct encounters with insurgents because they are earning money from corruption. Basically, you need to balance everything, your budget, inflation, corruption, and reputation. These need to go hand-in-hand. You also need to consider civilian initiatives such as hospitals and water systems. These all play a role in stabilizing the country. Rebel Inc. is a very good simulation game that is showing actual problems in regions such as the Middle East.

Rebel available from Steam and Google Play Store.

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