Dragon Quest XI Wiki – Master Your Skills and Become The King of Erdrea

Become the strongest team of adventurers in Erdrea with these tips!

Not everyone is a fan of turn-based JRPGs, and if you are among the few who like such mechanics, welcome to our guide for Dragon Quest XI. Micromanagement in Dragon Quest XI can be very difficult, and if you love constantly juggling through a bunch of abilities and characters, the game can feel very overwhelming. Read on to find out everything you need to know to master your skills in Dragon Quest XI.

Dragon Quest XI Wiki – Exploration

Dragon Quest XI Wiki
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There is a lot of focus on exploration. The number one tip we have to give in our Dragon Quest XI Wiki is that you should not try to burn through the content. You need to spend your time honing your skills and finding all of the little things that are hidden in the kingdom of Erdrea. Exploration can be very rewarding, and you may run into quests that you have never seen before and find out more about the game’s lore.

Experience Points

Unlike games like Borderlands, enemies keep respawning in the same area. You want to ensure that you max out your experience points by grinding enemies, but there is absolutely no reason to overdo it. Keep grinding for the occasional bursts of experience points or the items that you need to play for. But do not stick around in the same levels for too long. You want to fight enemies at your appropriate level to ensure you get the most exp possible. While it does mean that things will feel a little challenging, you will be able to progress faster and enjoy the game a whole lot more.

Turn-based Mechanics

Dragon Quest XI
Image Credit: Square Enix

One of the things you need to come to terms with is the turn-based combat. Unlike other genres where you can hack and slash your way through everything in a matter of minutes, combat in Dragon Quest XI is methodical and slow. You need to understand the synergies between your characters and how you can leverage their abilities to take down enemies sooner.

Try to level up your characters equally and check out their abilities to see how you can take advantage of the special abilities that they have. Your tactics decide the fate of battles. The “Fight Wisely” tactic is the best way to get started with Dragon Quest XI. But if you want to take things slow and easy, you can always enable auto-battle and speed things up.


Maps can reveal a lot of hidden information. There is a text box in the top-right of the map menu that will offer you guidance on what to do as you keep exploring. You will be able to see adjoining areas and progress through with your quests very easily. Try to check out any hidden areas that you have not explored to make the most out of your time when travelling from one location to another. There is very little backtracking in Dragon Quest XI wiki, so you ideally do not want to make your way all the back to explore areas you have never been to yet.

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