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Valorant on PS4: Release Date Leaked, New Features and More

Want to play Valorant on PS4? The wait is nearly over.

Valorant is a tactical (online multiplayer) first-person shooter video game developed by Riot Games and initially released for Microsoft Windows in June of 2020 and is soon set to release on PS4.

Almost 2 years after its appearance on PCs, the game still hasn’t made its way into other platforms like Xbox, PlayStation, Android, and iOS. However, there have been talks of porting the game to current generation consoles including Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 but the officials are lip-zipped on when or if that is ever going to happen anytime soon.

Only recently, a developer at Riot Games, Anna Donlon, confirmed that a mobile version of the game is currently under development and is expected to be announced soon. Since a mobile port of the game seems to be a possibility, there’s no reason to think that Valorant won’t be coming to PS4.

While it’s true that most of the resources on the web point towards Valorant not being a possibility on PS4 (since the console has grown significantly old), no official sources have confirmed that the last generation of consoles has been ditched.

At a time when current generation consoles are facing supply issues (all thanks to the global chip shortage) across the world, Riot Games would only be limiting the number of players that get to play their game by not releasing Valorant on PS4.

Valorant on PS4
Image Credit: Riot Games

As confirmed by Anna Donlon, Valorant on PS4 would be given any thought only if the mobile porting goes as planned.

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Valorant on PS4: Is Riot Focused on It?

Officials from Riot Games have confirmed multiple times that PC remains the platform of interest for the developers at their company. That seems true since the PC version of the game does not even have plug-and-play compatibility for PS4 and Xbox One controllers. You would have to actually install a third-party application and individually map the buttons on your controller for playing Valorant console-style on PC.

Will the Game Have Crossplay, Mouse and Keyboard Support?

It’s way too early to even guesstimate any of that. Still, since Valorant’s competitors including Call of Duty Warzone, Apex Legends, and Fortnite have the features mentioned above on offer, it’s a possibility that Riot Games will include these PC-centric features (maybe not at launch) but only when the player base grows markedly.

Valorant’s play style has been crafted for PC since it’s easy to swoop around the screen and land shots accurately while also countering that recoil with a mouse. We expect to see some minor adjustments on gameplay mechanics (especially weapon swaying and recoil) if the game ever makes its way to PS4.

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Valorant on PS4: Why It May Never Happen?

Developers seem to consider PS4 a rather old console so there’s also the possibility of Valorant being ported to the current generation consoles only. However, looking at how the game runs fine on PC even without a dedicated graphics card, porting the game to the decade-old consoles shouldn’t be an issue especially when these are capable of handling resource chugging titles like Call of Duty Warzone.

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Valorant on PS4: Only After Valorant Mobile

At the time of writing, there’s no way to play Valorant on PS4 but having a mid-end laptop will also be enough to run Valorant, should you make some clever adjustments in the game’s graphics settings. And for those who don’t have a PC, waiting for the release of Valorant Mobile and then an official statement from the developers on when the game might be coming to PS4 seems to be the only solution.

Our estimates point to a possible early 2023 release date for Valorant on PS4. We pinpointed this possible release window after considering the time it would take for a complete porting of the game with zero errors to worry about. With the current generation consoles already 2 years into their lifecycle, chances of Valorant coming on PS4 appear slim but quite a fraction of the players are running the last generation so Riot Games definitely has something for those users.

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