7 Cool Math Games for Kids

Math is a subject that demands persistence, logical thinking, and patience from a learner. Most students face difficulties in doing their Math homework. If you pay someone to do your math homework, it means that you have some knowledge gaps. Everyone might miss classes because of different reasons. That is why it is not a bad idea to ask for professional assistance from a STEM service. Experienced helpers explain everything and help with the academic load.

The biggest problem of exact sciences is that students often regard them as boring and monotonous. Sometimes, it takes a student 30 minutes to do one simple equation. The reason for such a long task might be:

  • lack of information,
  • individual peculiarities,
  • poor logical thinking.

It is easy to solve the first problem. One should either find a Math expert or try to find the solution by using YouTube videos, educational websites, and textbooks.

It is impossible to change a person. Phlegmatic individuals need a lot of time to memorize information, write everything down, and check each detail. Besides, not everyone was born to become a mathematician.

What about the third reason? Is it possible to develop and improve logical thinking? Yes. One needs just to listen to a teacher attentively to understand the basics and play games to become faster and more exact in task performance. How to motivate students to study? Maths specialists recommend playing 7 cool games to become a better Maths thinker.

#1. Connect

This game is popular on Facebook. One can play it without the need for installation. The main task is to join two dots of the same color. Each next level, there will be more dots to connect. The main task is to avoid crossing lines. So, a person involves logical thinking to plan the connection. Those who want to become better in Maths need to do all tasks without hints.

#2. Grand Prix Multiplication

How can I improve my kid’s knowledge for free? If you ask yourself this question, your choice should stop at this game. There are several categories such as Shapes, Graphs, Multiply, Add, Divide, Subtract, Time, Pre-Algebra, Money, and Fractions. It is a multiplayer game that enhances the desire to win. Gamers solve tasks and win in races. It is an excellent brain stimulator and tool to learn Mathematics.

#3. Underwater Counting

If a child is under 5, it will be better to start with something simple. This product has equations that involve only one to ten numbers. Kids add 1+1 or a similarly easy task and start searching for a hidden treasure. There are only two levels, so children feel comfortable playing it without adults.

#4. Mathcentre

This game suits kids of school age (5-16). It has different levels. A gamer moves in the Maths universe and solves tasks to reach the next level. The game is simple in navigation. One can find it on the Coolmath platform that has a variety of games to develop logic, math skills, strategy, learn Science, History, and other disciplines. For example, it has several types of Sudoku.

#5. Math Games

This game is not only interactive but vivid as well. The site includes puzzles that a learner solves while doing different math assignments. Preschoolers and school children up to the 8th grade can train their arithmetic skills. The platform introduces over 1000 games in Measurements, Addition, Division, Subtraction, Money converters, Geometry, Graphing, Fractions, Algebra, Decimals, Estimation, and more. Due to that, a learner does not have to do all tasks. Instead, he or she selects the required section depending on skills that need to be tested or improved.

#6. Fuel My Party

A cute red monster swallows naphtha to fuel some projects. A person navigates it to catch the black liquid. The game provides Maths assignments for each new task. This game involves multiplication, division, subtraction, and addition. It also has tasks in Geometry, Coding, Probability, Statistics, and other STEM disciplines. One can install this app from Skidos to learn Maths with fun.

This game has many levels. A kid is motivated to solve tasks correctly to move to the next level. That is why it has positive reviews in the Play Market. Parents, teachers, and kids like the product and give 4-5 stars.

#7.  BBC School Radio Maths

BBC is famous for its diversity. It provides news, interesting shows, and programs. Moreover, they have created competitions, lessons, and lectures for people of different ages. The channel not only has Math tasks but covers other disciplines as well. So, everyone can find something useful there.

Children can find counting songs and categories of games that suit different age groups. The BBC also organizes various competitions to encourage small and big learners to be more active and study better. So it is a great chance to check Math knowledge for the whole family, class, or university group.


Games do not only entertain. They serve as excellent teaching tools for educators and fun learning methods for students. Besides games, a person can visit educational websites or download apps that provide quizzes, tests, and interesting lectures from the best experts. Your choice should depend on the projects you need to prepare or tasks to do.

For example, Number Nut is packed with interactive and well-developed quizzes to test kids’ knowledge everywhere. If a person does not like gaming styles that might distract from memorizing a bit, there is an Illuminations website that offers many Math tasks. Besides, they are grouped according to the grades and age of learners.

So, Math might become a child’s favorite subject. The most important thing is to find an effective approach to its learning. It is a bad idea to play all the time. In this case, children will have fun but might have problems with remembering the material. That is why parents and teachers should think of a successful combination of both strict emphasis on learning and fun to help students relax and use the knowledge at the same time.

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