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Airpod Not Charging: Fix One Airpod Not Charging Issue

Cleaning and resetting might help.

If only one Airpod is not charging, follow the steps in this guide to fix the issue. Although Airpods is one of the best earphones available in the market today, users have faced some issues with it. After analyzing the complaints received from Airpod users, we figured that most of these issues are associated with one or both of the Airpods not charging even after cleaning the case.

Imagine coming back home from a hard day at work and when settling down to watch some Breaking Bad, you figure out that one of your Airpods has run out of charge so you run to find the charging case. The day gets even worse when you realize that you can’t really get the battery level to increase on that Airpod no matter how many times you blow into the case.

Questions Received on ‘One Airpod Not Charging’

Jibril Lyons asked: How to fix one Airpod not charging? I have tried cleaning the case and even used the lightning cable that came with my iPad but nothing seems to work. The other Airpod is working fine, however. Is my charging case broken if one Airpod is not charging? Help me!

Kyla Morris asked: No matter what I do, I can’t get my left Airpod to charge. How to fix one Airpod not charging without contacting Apple?

Airpod Not Charging
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Why is One of My Airpods Not Charging?

The only way correct way to charge your Airpods is by inserting them into the case. Therefore, the issue of one Airpod not charging is primarily due to some fault with your charging case.

Look closely at the bottom of the pits made for your Airpods. You will see that there are connection points that come in contact with the earphones’ tips. If something comes in between and disturbs the contact, Airpod will fail to charge.

Now that you know why one of your Airpods is not charging, it’s time to apply some easy fixes to put things back on track.

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Charging Case Battery <10%?

When the battery level on your case is less than 10%, it won’t be able to charge both Airpods simultaneously.

Therefore, let’s first check if the battery level on your charging case is enough to power both the Airpods.

  1. Insert both of your Airpods into the charging case and close the lid.
  2. Move it closer to your iPhone and remove the lid.
  3. The battery levels will be shown on your iPhone’s screen as soon as they are connected.

Want to see how much battery is remaining in your Airpods? Swipe right on the lock screen.

If the battery level in your charging case is more than 10% but still one of the Airpods is not charging, move to the next fix.

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Leave the Charging Case Plugged for an Entire Night

In case the battery has been completely drained on one of your Airpods, it will take some serious powering up before the charging functionality returns to normal. Remember trickle charging? Let your Airpods on charge for an entire night and check the next morning if the issue has been fixed.

Cleaned My Airpods: One Airpod Still Not Charging

Remember how the charging case has points of contact for your Airpods? If you are shoving dirty Airpods down the charging case, the contact points might be blocked and no power will be delivered from the case. Use pressurized air to clean the compartments on your charging case. For the Airpods, use cotton buds soaked in Isopropyl Alcohol but don’t use anything that would scratch the metallic end on the tail.

If you have entirely sanitized both the Airpods as well as the charging case but that still doesn’t fix the issue, resetting it might help. A factory reset means that your personalized settings on the Airpods will be removed and you will have to reconfigure the earphones after connecting to your iPhone.

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How to Reset Airpods When They Are Not Charging?

  1. Put your Airpods back in the case.
  2. Head to ‘Settings’ on your iPhone then tap on the ‘Bluetooth’ tab.
  3. Locate Airpods in the list of devices that have been connected to your iPhone via Bluetooth.
  4. See the ‘i’ button? Tap on it then select ‘Forget this Device’.
  5. Your Airpods have now been unpaired from your iPhone. Up next, move the case close to your iPhone then open the lid.
  6. When prompted, reconnect to the Airpods from your iPhone.

Although this reset procedure seems pretty basic, it has worked for many users so there’s nothing wrong with giving it a try. If one of your Airpods is still not charging after applying the fixes mentioned in this guide, you may need to get in touch with an authorized Apple Service Provider to have the issue fixed.

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