The Top 3 Best PlayStation 4 Games for Kids

You should not miss out on these three PS4 titles that you can play with your kids

While spending hours in front of a TV with your kid might be scoffed at, the PS4 offers some incredible masterpieces developed specifically for kids. These PlayStation 4 games for kids offer an experience on par with any Pixar movie you have seen!

Top 3 Best PlayStation 4 Games for Kids


Spyro is one of the most iconic games on the PS4, and it can be played by gamers of any age. It is undoubtedly one of the best PlayStation 4 games for kids. You will have a blast traversing through the homeworlds to free the ancient dragons and eventually save the world. The title got remastered recently so you may want to pick up the newer version instead which comes with all three parts of the trilogy in a single bundle.

The Spyro Reignited Trilogy has been updated with current-gen graphics which makes it the perfect game for any parent that wants to introduce their child to the magical world of Spyro. It is available on every gaming platform and not just the PS4, so you can pick it up on your PC, Xbox or Nintendo Switch as well. The co-op mode is great for some bonding with your kid as you move through the various game worlds and save the planet together!

Sonic Forces

A lot of us grew up playing Sonic titles and coming back to Sonic Forces is always a blast. Being able to create and play your own character is what makes Forces better than some of the more recent Sonic titles. The goofy charm that the title has is reminiscent of the original titles that released decades ago.

The graphics are colorful and should keep any youngster engaged with it. The boss fights can be quite challenging, so do not shy away from giving your kid a hand! It is by no means the best Sonic game that you can get your hands on, but the amount of content on offer and the experience it offers to long-term Sonic fans cannot be ignored and it definitely is one of the best PlayStation 4 games for kids.


Minecraft Best PS4 Games for Kids
Image Credit: Microsoft

Move over Fortnite; the king is here! While Fortnite may be getting all the coverage from gaming journalists, Minecraft continues to be the most popular game of all time. With over 90 million monthly players, it is undoubtedly the top dog in gaming. But what makes Minecraft so addictive and fun?

The creativity that Minecraft offers is what makes it the best title to grab. Simply ignore Survival mode and head straight into Creative for an endless amount of fun. Minecraft is essentially a means of setting your imagination on fire. Want to build the largest castle in the world? You can do that in Minecraft. Want to recreate your home? You can do that too! It is one of the most relaxing and creative experiences you will have as a gamer, and it is among the best PlayStation 4 games for kids to get into.

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These are our top picks if you are looking for the best PlayStation 4 Games for Kids. Which are your favorite PS4 titles? Let us know in the comments below.

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