Call of Duty: Mobile Gets Its First Major Event With Airborne Chip

Call of Duty: Mobile is now offering its first event with a new skill, bots and feature changes

  • Call of Duty: Mobile now offers a new specialist skill which can be unlocked through the Airborne Chip event.
  • The new event has also added new ways of logging in with a credit store refresh.
  • Players in casual playlists will now be matched with bots to ease the learning experience.

If you are a Call of Duty: Mobile player, you can now access a new event that has been named Airborne Chip. If you have explored the map, you will have noticed that there was a ship that was locked and inaccessible to players so far in the battle royale map. To access to the ship, you can now do some daily challenges and get access to it.

What’s New in The Call of Duty: Mobile Airborne Chip Event?

Call of Duty Mobile
Image Credit: Call of Duty

There will be a set of challenges visible once you log into Call of Duty: Mobile during the event. If you do not have access to the event, simply update your game on the platform, you play the game on, and you will be able to get access to it immediately.

If you successfully complete all the challenges, you will get access to a new specialist skill that allows you to launch yourself as well as your teammates. You will get access to new wingsuits that you can use to maneuver yourself on the way down.

Credit Store Refresh

Call of Duty Mobile
Image Credit: Call of Duty

The credit store is now refreshed, and it has multiple ways for you to log in. Bots are available in the latest patch, as well. Both battle royale and other online game modes will offer bots in a bid to let new players go through the ropes of the game. You do not have to worry about facing entire teams of high-level enemies to learn the basics of the game.

The bots are designed to be challenging, according to the developers. Bots will be available in casual playlists only and will not be a part of competitive matchmaking. As your internal skill rating grows, the fewer bots you will have in your matches.

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