Call of Duty Shoot The Ship 24/7 Shipment and Shoothouse

Shoot the Ship added in the game.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is the best Call of Duty game in the last few years. The game is very good. There are few problems here and there, such as the SBMM, but this time Call of Duty fans are getting a very good treatment. In the past, Activision and the developers were criticized a lot. This was due to the number of microtransactions and how they were in the game. However, this year microtransactions are a little bit softer. They are of course in the game. There is no running from them in modern gaming, especially if your game is AAA. But as we have said before it is lesser until now. Also here is how to get more discounts from Steam?

However, this does not solve the problems. Infinity Ward is trying to listen to the community, we are sure of this. Several times things asked by players were done very fast. Infinity Ward was very responsive to some areas. In some, they were not. SBMM issue stands in the game as a problematic thing. It is very strongĀ and it affects many things. Also, the spawns are still problematic. But there are also good things happening in the game. Several days ago, we have seen some of the iconic maps of Call of Duty coming into the game. Players were asking for a mixture of Shoot House and Shipment. Well, Infinity Ward listened to these players.

The new playlist is Shoot the Ship. Shoot the Ship is a 24/7 map with only Shipment and Shoot House. Players will love this since both maps are amazing, and promote fast gameplay. Although you can die right out of the spawn in Shipment for sure. But Infinity Ward listening players is already a great thing. In other news, there are other additions to the playlist. There will be Snowball fighting until the new year. Honestly, it is really fun, and players should try it. Also Cranked will be removed from the game. There are not many changes coming with this patch. There are not even patch notes. Also, Banned Fortnite Pro FaZe Jarvis is Switching to Call of Duty.

Shoot the Ship
Image Credit: Infinity Ward

However, the are players know Infinity Ward can make silent changes without notifying the players. Shoot the Ship mode is also a great way to improveĀ on your Battle Pass and get some XP for yourself. BecauseĀ there are Double XP bonusesĀ in the game now.

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Also, we are still waiting for the announcement for the Call of Duty Modern Warfare Battle Royale mode. According to leaks, Battle Royale is under development by Raven Software. We just hope this is true because a Battle Royale mode will certainly change the game. Also, it might be free-to-play. We cannot believe that this will be true, but maybe it will be a F2P game mode. However, if it is not a free-to-play game, we are not sure if they can fill 200 players.

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