Call of Duty: Modern Warfare SBMM is Creating Issues

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is having problems with SBMM

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare started great. The game received very good reviews from different sources. This was not always the case since CoD released nearly a game every year generally reviews would be a mixture of good and bad. Advanced Warfare and WW2 had this exact problem. Because they were time-period games, and they probably did not appeal to every gamer out there. However, Modern Warfare is better much better than those two games, and players can relate this game to our modern age. The gameplay and the weapons are great. Even though the campaign criticized for promoting Russophobia, it got good reviews. The game became tactical and these tactics can improve your gameplay in PUBG even.

There were several problems regarding gameplay. This was normal because developers even though they can do thousands of tests on a weapon can forget about the possible uses of a weapon. This happened exactly with M4A1 and the 725 shotgun. First of all, M4A1 is a great weapon in real life as well. However, in the game, it became so overpowered with the right attachments. But maybe the worst we have seen was 725 shotgun. The idea behind this shotgun is simple. It is a double-barrel weapon and developers probably thought that by making the damage values high, it would be balanced. However, players with the right attachments can maximize the range on this weapon also. Since then this weapon was hit with 2 different nerfs.

But maybe the most interesting thing and the unexpected problem is coming from SBMM (Skill Based Match Making). This problem is unique because SBMM came into the game this year. SBMM matches players with similar skills with each other. Therefore players are not able to gank upon less-skilled players. However, the system does not work correctly. If you are a player with high skill, you will be matched with other highly skilled players. But if you can find a lobby close to you. SBMM continues to look for high skilled matches in various lobbies around the world. In the end, you might end up in a very good lobby but with 250 pings.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare
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Players all around the Reddit are voicing their concern about this problem. SBMM is simply cutting the edge of the game. It is effecting player comfort. SBMM only kicks in after a couple of levels, but when it kicks in you will notice it. Your K/D will be staled and you probably will not be able to reach high numbers like before. Also, it does promote comping style gameplay. TTK is extremely quick in Modern Warfare, therefore if you are in a very high skill lobby, you are afraid to even move. This combined with 250 ping issues, is a huge problem for gamers.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare started very well. However, these issues might choke the life out of it. As we all know Reddit players are the hardcore fans of this game. Therefore if they are unhappy with SBMM, they should be heard much more. In the end, they will be the only players who play this until the next one releases.

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  1. You might want to add that playing with friends feels really bad now, my friends are below average but when they play with me they get absolutely shat on. When they play alone they can do decent, the higher bracket they get placed in when playing with me ruins the fun.

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