Red Dead Redemption 2: Years After the Hype

There is a Rockstar company that gave us the most outstanding games and we appreciate it!  Only GTA has gained incredible popularity, finding its gamer in every part of the world!  But the speech in today’s article will be a little about another game, but it is no less popular and cool!  Guess who is at the center of the current discussion?  yes, yes, and yes, yes, this is Red Dead Redemption!  A real cult western!

It was released on October 25, 2018 and its actions allegedly take place in several US states, which does not actually exist, and all events are somewhere on the border between the 19th and 20th centuries.  The whole plot of the game revolves around the gang, and you can control one of its members and this is Arthur Morgan, but when you reach a certain point, the player begins to control a different person, whose name is John Martson.

Playing Red Dead Redemption 2 offers you the coolest and most unique properties.  You can safely travel around the global game world, conquering the most unique places and of course you can find adventures everywhere.  What is meant by the word adventure?  Of course, the most insane activities that can only fall on the character’s road!  These are shootouts, hunting, robberies, horseback riding and finding a wide variety of things. These things include dinosaur bones and even rock art. Before the release of Red Dead Redemption 2 was the most anticipated and advertised game, which immediately after the release began to break all records.  In less than two or even three weeks, 17 million copies scattered around the world.  Just think about this number!  It’s like the population of one not very big country! Check here when will red dead redemption 3 be released?

Of course, the company did not remain in the minuses of this phenomenon.  It earned Rockstar a whopping $730 million and even fame!  World critics and the press gave the game the highest ratings for the plot, the external picture and the very freedom that is given to the player!  All aspects were assessed. Soon as 2018 came to an end, this game took home a number of prestigious awards.  It won Critics’ Choice, Best Original Score, and Best Narrative.  As for the music.  Indeed, this is a highly debated topic.  Music in the game is a separate art form.

All this glory and awards are really deserved because the development process itself was very painstaking.  All divisions of Rockstar were involved in the creation of the game.  Every branch around the world was involved, but despite the fact that they are all scattered throughout the whole world, they worked as a single team and each member knew that something was coming to the world soon. To play the super game you need to purchase cheap game accounts!  Hurry up!

Red Dead Redemption 2 is an AAA game, that is, a blockbuster, but of the gaming world.  Like all games that are very popular, there are both absolute fans of them and those who still have questions after testing the game.  The most common embarrassing moments are that users find it too lengthy and equipped with unnecessary actions. The biggest disappointment was that the main character, John Marston, was not presented in the best light that players are used to seeing.  He was made a little cowardly and indecisive in the opinion of many players.  In their opinion, he only does what constantly screws up, and they  even suggest that his unfortunate fate is generally justified.

Hey guys, you probably read so much about how GTA and Red Dead Redemption compare.  But what about Dota 2 vs LOL?  League of Legends and Dota are two super famous games, but you need to figure out which one is still cooler. This is a very difficult comparison, but believe me, some game really has more advantages.

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