Civilization VI PS4 Review

We have tried Civilization VI on console for you.

Sid Meier’s Civilization series is amazing. These games influenced a lot of titles. Civilization V was a massive success. Players felt that it was so good, and a step up from Civilization IV. However, this did not reflect over Civilization VI in the beginning. Civ VI was criticized by the community a lot. They believed it lacked a lot of things. However slowly they were able to mend these problems. After 2 DLC’s and a ton of fixes, the game is finally good to play. Honestly, Gathering Storm is one of the best DLC’s we have seen in the Civ series. It can have its own game even. Therefore the game is finally fun to play.

Of course, this was one side of the game. Another side was its console release. Now when we are looking at console gaming the first unique thing is the controller. So when you want to play strategy games on the console, it is a challenge. The controller is not designed for this type of game. Sure you can use all those converters to use a mouse, but no one would spend that much just to play one game. Therefore when I played it, I was skeptical. However, I was wrong. It felt playable. Moving the units over the map is easy. It does require a lot of button smashing at times though. Also, How to install Optifine to maximize the fun of Minecraft?Β 

Civilization VI
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However, this is only an issue at the end game, if you have a lot of cities to go through. Even then the game helps you and takes you directly to that city for construction. We tested it on a regular PS4. It is not a PS4 PRO. But there was no slowing down what so ever. A little bit of FPS drop when you reach the end game, but that is normal because there are lots of units moving across the map. Also, this happens in the PC version as well, so it is nothing to worry about. The graphics were great also. There were no problems. When we were playing we crashed once, but that is not because of the game rather our PS4 we believe.

You can use the units in the game with D-Pad. This allows some freedom. The console versions of Civilization VI has both of the DLC’s also. Now we understand that the game menus and button positions were also perfected for the console as well during the development. We did not see a different UI. The game is smooth just like playing on a PC. However, the price is a little too high. This was a problem over at the PC as well. Therefore fans of the game generally wait for Steam discounts.

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Civilization VI console version plays well. Honestly, it helps that the game is a 4X and turn-based game. Otherwise, it would be horrible to play, for example, a Total War game. Civ VI soundtracks are amazing, as you all know. Console players do not have a chance to play this type of game generally. Civilization VI is great on console and worth a shot.

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