Final Fantasy XIV is Banning Players Over Datamining

Players are no longer allowed to datamine information from upcoming patches of Final Fantasy XIV

A lot of Final Fantasy XIV players are being banned for datamining content from future patches. If you are one of the people who like to find out more about all the hidden secrets. Digging around the game’s files is now considered an offence and if you do not want to be locked out of your favorite MMORPG for months, we recommend staying out of it.

What Does It Mean for Final Fantasy XIV?

Final Fantasy XIV
Image Credit: Square Enix

While the game’s rules state that doing any data mining is considered a bannable offense, there have been nearly zero instances of any games implementing the rule. It is fun for people to tinker around the game’s files and getting all the juicy tidbits about upcoming weapons, characters, balancing updates, events and more. Players datamine content from just about any game you can think of whether it is Apex Legends or Fortnite.

According to various sources, the company is trying to curb down on the rampant datamining that goes on because it helps players complete the raid. Games that involve raids have day one completion rewards and a lot of incentives to be the elite squad that sets the world records for raids. With access to datamined information, it becomes very easy for players who are capable of extracting information from preloaded patches to get an advantage in unreleased content.

Final Fantasy XIV
Image Credit: Square Enix

This is not the first controversial move that Final Fantasy XIV has made in the recent past. Even though the game allows you access to various musical instruments that you can use to play music, there are weird copyright regulations that prevent you from performing music created by other people. Which is quite strange considering even platforms like YouTube do not ban covers. Since you are recreating music that someone else has access too, it shouldn’t be a copyright concern.

What do you think about Final Fantasy XIV’s decision to cut down on datamining in the game?

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