Apex Legends Buffed Peacekeeper

Apec Legends developes buffed the Peacekeeper.

Generally, in every shooter game, there is a weapon that is considered overpowered. If the game is a multiplayer game, developers tend to fix these weapons with updates. These updates tend to make some players happy because it is game balancing and some players not so much, especially if they are dependent on that weapon. Generally, these weapons come out at the release of the game. Currently, for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare this weapon is 725 shotgun, there have been 2 nerfs to it without any result. However, for Apex Legends it was Peacekeeper. Peacekeeper was OP at the release. However afterwards they fixed it to some degree.

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Season 3 started great for Apex Legends. The new map World’s Edge and the new hero Crypto is great. But the map brought in something else. A bigger map means that there will be less use for CQC (Close Quarters Combat) weapons. Especially the addition of Charge Rifle showed us that. Charge Rifle got nerfed but it is still a viable weapon because the engagements between two parties are further apart. Players will not pick an EVA-8 shotgun instead of a Longbow DMR. This is simply because of the map scale. This change decreased the need for shotguns considerably.

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However, of course, some players want to use them. Currently, Apex Legends buffed the Peacekeeper. Now peacekeeper can work better than a sniper on the range. Most of the player base is unhappy with these changes. Because Peacekeeper is a love-hate weapon. Some of the community loves it because it is so strong in close quarters. However, the others hate getting one shot, especially in a game that has a very long time to kill. This change is going to break the maps meta and make Peacekeeper viable once again for sure.

Some of the pro players came out and stated their concerns. Especially when you are considering that a Triple Take can do 69 damage while a Peacekeeper can potentially do 103 damage in the distance is ridiculous. One of them is a sniper. Developers are trying to make use of shotguns. However, the shotguns are extremely powerful at the end game anyway. Once the last circle is closing it is all close quarters. This buff can be a problem. Because a weapon that can fill both roles is certainly overpowered.

Apex Legends is going great in Season 3. The game is gaining popularity once again. Even EA announced that they will be moving more resources to Apex Legends because the game is their flagship for the next year. They do know that they have a game that can be a lot more popular with the right resources. However, this last change is not fit for the game. We hope that they will reconsider this.

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