Call of Duty Players are Reverse Boosting

Call of Duty is having problems with the new matchmaking system.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare had a really good start. The game became one of the best selling games soon after the release. The reviews are good, and the player base was happy for a while. Call of Duty Modern Warfare was the first CoD after a long time, we have seen that takes place in modern-day. All the weapons used in-game has a real-life version. Also, all the weapons can be turned into another weapon, by using the gun bench. The customization options are limitless. These small details are making the game interesting and fun to play. However, as we said before players were happy for a while and now the majority of these players are angry with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare SBMM issues.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has several problems and one of them is the SBMM. So what is SBMM? This is called skill-based matchmaking. After a certain level in the game, all the players are subject to this. This means that you will be matching with players, who are as skilled as you all the time. This was never in CoD before. Because players simply matched with random players. However, SBMM is in this CoD and players are not happy. Players are unhappy because especially the hardcore players can not do what they used to do in the game. Players can not go and drop a 50-2 game. Infinity Ward announced this to protect less-skilled players.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare
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However, we used to not have this problem. Even then CoD sold millions. Also, keep in mind that this also affects friend lobbies. If you are playing with a group of friends, SBMM will put you into the best players lobby. Whoever is the best player in that group, everyone will join their skill bracket. This means your friends might have a hard time to adjust the lobby. We had a similar thing with our friends and they were only able to get 4-5 kills in an entire match while dying 20 times. Because every player is a very good player. This is not enjoyable.

In a normal CoD lobby, there would be one maybe two skilled players, however now everyone is so highly skilled, it makes you play slower. Also, the TTK is extremely fast than other CoD’s. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare SBMM issues are creating problems. So players started to reverse boost themselves in Call of Duty.

So what is reverse boosting? Reverse boosting is playing bad intentionally to drop your skill level. Currently, CoD Modern Warfare SBMM is active for the last five matches, so even if a player has 2 bad matches they will be matched with lass skilled players. This is a proven technique, we can see players reverse boosting for a day and then dropping 30-0 matches. This is what Infinity Ward is making players do. Also this effects streamers. They are not able to get any good clips. Because it is simply so hard to play against high skill players all the time.

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Players are reverse boosting in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare right now.Β  Also, lobbies are together with every platform. There is a cross-play in this CoD. This makes things even more complicated. A console player might be dropping into the same lobby with a PC player, just because of SBMM. This was intentional from the developers, however, players are highly disturbed and imagine the lengths that they are going, if they are reverse boosting their accounts. Call of Duty Modern Warfare needs to find a solution to this problem, or reverse boosting will ruin the game for new players.

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