Grandia 1 and Grandia 2 Remasters Headed to PC Gamers on October 15th

The remasters will let PC gamers play both Grandia 1 and Grandia 2 with Current-GEN graphics.

  • Grandia 1 and Grandia 2 were set to get an HD remaster treatment last month, but the PC version was never released.
  • Amidst speculations of cancellation, the developers have confirmed that the PC ports are on track.
  • The two games will be released on Steam on October 15th after underlying game issues have been ironed out.

PC users have been waiting for the iconic Grandia 1 and Grandia 2 HD Remasters, but they turned out to be a no-show last month. The developers pushed out the HD remasters of the two great RPGs to the Switch, but PC users were left confused with many thinking the games have been scrapped on the popular platform. We recently got an official response from the developers, and it turns out the game is on track for PC.

When is Grandia 1 and Grandia 2 Coming to PC?

Grandia 1 HD Remaster
Image credit: GungHo

Publisher GungHo revealed on Twitter that the HD remaster has some issues and the team is closely monitoring the games’ performance on the Nintendo Switch while working on issues faced on the PC ports of Grandia 1 and Grandia 2. Grandia HD will be making it to PC for the first time on October 15th via Steam. Grandia 2, on the other hand, will be getting an HD textures pack on the same day.

Users who are facing performance issues on the Nintendo Switch should wait for a patch to get all issues ironed out. The developers have apologized for the issue and are working on releasing the games as quickly as possible.

Grandia 1 HD Remaster Overview

Grandia 1 is one of the most iconic old-school RPGs that we have received. To get the best experience, we recommend playing the game with the Japanese voice track, which is also getting a remaster along with the graphics. Playing through the classics should be a treat for not only existing fans but also anyone who is interested in Japanese RPGs. Even with the issues that the Switch version is facing, it is a delight to play through. An upcoming patch for the Nintendo Switch should resolve all issues early next month.

Grandia 2 HD Remaster Overview

Grandia 2 is an upgrade over the original Grandia 1 in every way. Originally released for the iconic Dreamcast console, the game has aged quite well. It is currently available on Steam, but you will not get access to the HD remaster pack until October 15th. If you have not picked up the title, you should consider doing so as the second title is significantly more intense. The localization is quite great but to get the authentic JRPG experience you should consider playing it through using the Japanese voice packs with your local subtitle options.

We are excited to play Grandia 1 and Grandia 2 next month and relive childhood memories of being in the Grandia game world. Are you going to pick the games up? Let us know in the comments below.

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