Fun Games to Play at School and Learn at the Same Time

Studying is not always that fun, and sometimes, all students want to relax. Luckily you will not need to suffer and wait until your classes are over, because you can have some fun in class, and all you need is to have the phone or computer by your side. Today we will tell you about the games to play at school.

However, there are also many fun games to play with your classmates in real life. So we will tell you about both options to spend your time in class with time.

What Games to Play During School

There are two types of games to play during class. The first type is games that you can play with your classmates during the break, and the second is computer or phone games. Of course, it is much easier to play on your phone because teachers rarely allow using school computers for games.

The first type is better for the breaks between lessons, and the second would be good if you are bored during the lesson and want to pass the time with fun. That is why we will tell you about both types of games and the best games you can choose so that you are fully prepared for school.

Games to Play in School with Classmates

Firstly, let’s talk about the school-friendly games you can play together with your classmates. These should be group games because otherwise playing would not be so funny. The games should also be easy to stop so that you can continue during the next break.


Taboo should also be played in teams or at least in groups of two. You can choose a specific topic or play with any words you like.

So now, when you have a team of a few students, you should choose the speaker who will explain the meaning of the word( or its definition) without using the specific vocabulary. You can not use words with common roots because this way, the word would be easy to guess.

Once the classmates guessed a certain amount of words, it was time to change the speaker. You can download the taboo game on your phone to get the directions. The student will get the word he needs to explain. This way, the game may become more easy and fast. Don’t forget that you will need to end the game before the lesson starts.


A hangman is one of the classic and pretty popular games to play in class with your classmates. You need to gather two teams and compete.

To play this game, you will need to have a whiteboard. Chose the representative of your group and let him come up with a word. You can decide on the topic before that. Then your classmate that stands near the whiteboard should draw empty spaces that correspond to the letters of the words. The classmates in the group should guess the world. Then each member of the team guesses one letter, one by one. The team where the student finished the word first wins.

It is a funny and engaging game to play during the break. So gather as many classmates as possible.

Games to Play in Class When Bored Using Your Phone

Now, we will talk about the games you can play while hiding your phone under the desk. These should be games with no noise and no visual effects.  that is why we will tell you about the few phone games you can play without drawing the teacher’s attention.

Subway Surf

The subway surf is a super popular mobile game you have probably heard about. It is a running game. The gameplay is simple: you have a certain character and run while gaining points. The further you run, the more points you will get. You can also pick up different busters and bonus items while running, so the race won’t be boring.

You can gather the coins and buy the helpful item that will make the skin of the character more advanced. Besides, you can also buy new characters. The game is fun, and you will be excited to beat the new records.

Shadow Fight

You will have fun playing the shadow fight if you like the fight games As you can guess, here you will fight with the shadow. Although boys are keener on these types of games, the girls will probably also get engaged. This game can also be played with no sound, so it is good for classes.

Playing the shadow fight, you will learn new exciting moves to win over your opponents. You can develop your fighting skins and spend time with fun. The game is based on leveling up, so you will see your progress clearly.

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