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How to Play Battle Royale Games Better?

Today we will give some general tips fro the Battle Royale Games.

Battle Royale games are the current king of the gaming market. This is very simple to explain, these games are giving players a sudden feeling of anxiety, excitement but also satisfaction. being number one out of 100 people is pretty spectacular. It is also true that these games are not everyone. Some of the players are tired of playing these kinds of games in the last 5 years or so. However, as we have said before Battle Royale games are the most played games out there. Therefore we put a small guide for you. In this guide, we will give general tips applicable to all the battle royale games.

  • Stealth over Kills
Battle Royale
Image Credit: Samurai Gamers

If you are starting this genre new or if you are not very confident with your abilities of shooting, do not engage your opponent. Battle Royale games are not about shooting the most players. It is about being the last player alive. Therefore if you are not sure if you can get a kill do not open fire. Know your place and always take cover instead of standing in the middle of the map. Most games do not allow players laying down, but PUBG allows it and it is a very good technique. Being a stealthy player in Battle Royale games is important. Some players can top 7-8 kills every match just by playing like this.

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  • Inventory Management
Battle Royale
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Inventory management is very important. Most of the Battle Royale games allow you to use 2 weapons and maybe a sidearm. The rest of the things you can use are ammo, meds, and attachments, etc. Fortnite has the biggest capacity among the games because it allows you to use several weapons, also there are no attachments. However, most of the BR games need inventory management. Do not take ammo more than you need. You will not need 300 bullets for one weapon. 150 is more than enough. Also, know which attachments work for you and try to build up towards that. You will need to be careful about meds also. A little bit of this and that is the best option.

  • Landing

If you are not a very good player, stop doing hot drops and landing populated areas. Medium populated or small places have the same weapons without hassle. There are several people who can come out of those hot drops. A better thing would be to land near a populated area and wait for the perfect opportunity to strike and grab their loot for your use. Camping is a valid choice in Battle Royale games. Also, remember that since these games are very popular many cheaters are playing it. If you think something is off with the way that you got shot, just report them. Most of the Battle Royale games have this option.  Also, If you want to learn How to Control Recoil in PUBG?

As we have said before Battle Royale games are very popular there are some great players, playing these games. There are even players who made a career out of these games. Remember it is about being the last person alive.

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