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How to Strikethrough on Discord to Format Your Messages

With this guide you will learn How to Strikethrough on Discord and master your formatting skills

Discord is one of the best platforms for online chatting. It has not only become the number one social hub for gamers but also other communities that want to take advantage of the platform’s intuitive features. Unlike other chat services, using Discord can be a little tricky.

If you are looking for a guide on how to strikethrough on Discord you have come to the right place. We will help you take advantage of the full-featured formatting options available on the platform that you can use at your convenience. Discord uses the Markdown text formatting system which is very intuitive but has a slight learning curve.

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How to Strikethrough on Discord

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If you want to strikethrough your text, all you need to do is use a ‘~’ on each side of your text. For example, you need to type ~Gamersuffice~ if you want to strikethrough the word Gamersuffice. That is all there is to it!

If you are wondering how you can use the other text editing functions we have you covered as well. Here are the other commands that you can try out.

  • To turn your text bold all you need to do is add “**” to either side of the text to get the Bold effect.
  • Turn italicize your text, you need to add ONE asterisk instead of two to turn your text into a stylish italicized font.
  • To underline your text you need to all you need to do is add a “_” on either side of your text.

How to Strikethrough on Discord and Combine Effects

Image Credit: Discord

If you want to combine various text effects you can do so as well. Simply combine any of the above commands on your text at the start and end of your text and you should be good to go. If you want to make your text bold and italicize it at the same time you need to add three asterisks. If you want to underline and bolden your text, you need to use two asterisks and add an underscore on either side. Similarly, you can mix and match your combinations in any way you want.

We hope you understood how to strikethrough on Discord. If you are looking for more formatting options outside these basic options you can try the following tricks as well.

Empty Lines: Want to add some empty lines to troll your friends or simply want better formatting options? All you need to do is hit Shift+Enter when typing out your text. You will now be able to add multiple spaced lines without any issues.

Code Blocks: Believe it or not, even though Discord is meant for gamers, a lot of users like to use the Code Block feature. If you want to highlight code within a text and highlight it you can do so. It is great for typing code or even quoting people. While it is not a normal quote feature, it allows you to make different parts of your text stand out to make it look different.

We hope you were able to learn how to strikethrough on Discord. For more content and Discord guides stay tuned to Gamer Suffice.

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