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How to use the most troll setup in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare?

Today we will take a look at a unique class setup in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare has many class setups. These setups were always in the game and act as the core mechanic of the gunplay. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s gunplay is great. Better than Battlefield’s currently for sure. Also, Battlefield VI is Real but Quite a Long Way Down. There some issues here and there, also 725 shotgun and M4 was OP in the beginning but now everything is much better. These class setups are unique for each player. For example, one can prefer to use iron sights on a special weapon while others use 4x. These types are personal choices affect the gunplay and game. However, some class setups annoy everyone. These setups are interesting and a fun way to play.

Currently, there is one thing that annoys everyone besides the users and that is the riot shield. Players who use this is generally trolling people because it is ridiculously fun to play with. Riot Shield is very powerful especially is some of the game modes. Also if it’s on your back you are protected from bullets. However what if we paired the Riot

Shield with a couple of C4’s and RPG. This is where the fun starts. Since you do not need to expose yourself when you are throwing the C4’s it is very OP to face. Also, the RPG is seriously damaging to players capping the objective. This class setup added with the right perks can make you invincible. All you need to do be careful for is your back and other players who use a similar setup.

How to use the most troll setup in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare?
Image Credit: Call of Duty

Although, to be fair this setup is breaking the game in some ways. Because you do not even need to expose yourself for anything. You can just stick a C4 to a wall or leave it on the floor for unsuspecting players, and lure them in. Infinity Ward needs to keep some changes to the Riot shield. Perhaps players with riot shields should only be allowed to use pistols, rather than the whole arsenal at their disposal. Also with the number of explosives in the game, it is already hard to get away from claymores, etc. Also, Treyarch is Working on Call of Duty Black Ops V.

There should be a balance between weapons and tactics. But of course, asking for these from Infinity Ward is hard, because there are some bigger things on their plate right now. However, we urge you to try this funny set up at least for several rounds. It deserves to be seen. Several players certainly rage quit the game when we were testing it.

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