Is Google Stadia the Future?

Google Stadia will launch soon. But will Stadia provide a good gaming experience?

Google Stadia is coming into our lives soon. Streaming service for games has been on the table for a long time. It is not a new thing we have seen with many different companies before. However, Google stated that they’re finally making some solutions to it and they will be able to deliver 4K 60 FPS with a high dynamic range. Of course when a big company like Google states this. You can not control yourself to be excited.

However, in order to use Google Stadia efficiently, you need to have good internet. Some people are saying that Stadia is similar to Netflix. However, this is not true when you’re watching Netflix you just need to buy a simple subscription and you’re able to watch any show that Netflix has. However, Stadia does not offer a service like that. You will need to subscribe and buy the games separately. This is where it gets a little problematic. Currently only their Pro tier subscription allows for players to get 4K resolutions. Pro tier subs will get free games however most likely you do not get to choose the games that you want.

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Stadia will require a minimum of 10 Mbit/s internet for 720P 60fps. If you want 4K, you’re going to need 35 Mbit/s of Internet. This is a really fast internet for most of the world. Hopefully, they can figure this out before the launch.

Google Stadia
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Also, Stadia will be limited to mostly single-player games. Google Stadia cannot work with multiplayer games because the input lag is going to be substantial. The input lag is expected to be between 40-60 milliseconds and of course this unacceptable for a multiplayer game. However, for a single-player game up to 50 milliseconds is okay. It will not affect gameplay and player comfort. Google added a lot of games to their library. For example, Assasins Creed Odyssey, the new Borderlands 3 and Cyberpunk 2077. They even added Football Manager 2020 which you will be able to play ok because it will not need very good internet.

Google Stadia
Image Credit: Stadia Twitter

Will Google Stadia change our lives? It is hard to say. The gaming community is a fickle community. Right now most of the gamers are against Stadia because of the input lag and the subscription methods. However, if the input lag can be solved Stadia does offer a lot. Because you can use this on your TV, Phone, and Computer. For a casual gamer, Stadia can become a solid choice. Casual gamers buy a Playstation and pay for the games anyway. Stadia will delete the hardware need. This will destroy most of the hardware companies as well. However, we have to understand that Google Stadia will not be perfect in the beginning. But Most probably after a few years, the results can surprise us. The future lies in the Internet and Cloud Services are the forefront for now.

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Google Stadia Founders Edition will launch on November 19, 2019. Basic and Pro tiers will come around 2020. There is no exact date for now. 

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