New World Guide: 10 Best Tips for Beginners

The imminent release of Amazon’s New World MMO has piqued the interest of many, both New World Fans and newcomers who are only just now asking the question ‘what is New World?’. You would do well to read to the end for all the best tips & tricks for getting ahead in Aeternum:

  1. Start Gathering and Crafting Early

The right expertise in gathering and refining skills and crafting professions can provide many benefits. From gaining access to more powerful weapons earlier in the game, keeping yourself stocked on ammunition for ranged weapons, to even earning a tidy sum for any excess items you’re able to sell.

There are five gathering skills, namely: fishing, mining, skinning, logging, and harvesting. For crafting certain items, you’ll also need to level up an associated refining skill after you’ve gathered the raw materials you need.

  1. Find a Playstyle You Enjoy and Stick To It

From the get-go, every character can wield all weapons. Instead of choosing a class during character creation, New World classes are based around the game’s Weapon Mastery system.

The Weapon Mastery system allows you to unlock abilities associated with each weapon type. So, you can go for whichever weapon combo suits your playstyle, and you’ll get progressively better with your preferred weapons as you use them.

  1. Take Care of Your Gear

Using your equipment reduces its durability; this applies to weapons, armor, and crafting tools. Dying also imposes a significant durability penalty. To repair your equipment, you’ll need Repair Parts, which can be gained —in addition to other base materials— by salvaging any weapons and armor you don’t plan on using.

With Repair Parts and a small amount of gold, you can repair your equipment directly, but for more efficient maintenance, you’ll want to use your Repair Parts to craft Repair Kits.

  1. Don’t Weigh Yourself Down

Weight affects your character in two ways: your “equip load” and the weight of the items in your inventory.

Equip load is classified into light, normal, and heavy; light equip load offers the least protection but the most maneuverability, whereas heavy equip load offers the most protection but the least mobility.

If your inventory weight exceeds your weight limit, you’ll suffer a penalty to your speed. You can reduce your inventory weight by selling items or storing them in settlements. Bags can also increase your weight limit. Additionally, how much your inventory weighs can increase the Azoth cost of fast travelling.

New World Game 2

  1. Don’t Be Afraid to Explore

Once you find the first large settlement, hanging around and doing quests that don’t take you far can be tempting. But, you should at least take the time to discover nearby settlements to unlock Fast Travel Shrines and discover hotspots for different crafting resources.

  1. Check-in at Inns and Setup Camps Regularly

By talking with an innkeeper at any inn, you can designate that inn for Inn Recall to teleport back to the designated inn for free once per hour.

Setting up camp, on the other hand, requires materials. While the cost of setting up camp may seem steep, a well-placed camp can save you a lot of time in case you need to respawn instead of doing so at an inn.

  1. Choose Your Faction Carefully

At level 10, you’ll need to decide which one of the three factions you want to join: The Covenant, The Marauders, or The Syndicate. Factions control territory, so it’s worth joining the dominant faction on your server if you’re able to.

Within Factions, there are Companies (basically guilds), so if you’re playing with friends, all of you will need to join the same Faction in order to play together in the same Company.

  1. Do Different Types of Quests

There are different types of quests aside from the main questline, which are faction quests and town missions.

Town missions are accepted from a settlement’s Town Board, and completing them awards XP and improves the town you acquired them from.

Faction quests are available in either PvE and PvP modes; they reward less XP but increase your standing within your faction, as well as your faction’s influence within a territory.

  1. Own, Don’t Rent

All quest types improve your standing within a territory. The higher your standing, the greater the benefits you receive within that territory, eventually unlocking the option of buying a player home.

To buy a player home, you’ll need to be level 15, with a territory standing of 10 or greater in the place the settlement is located. Player homes serve as recall points, increase storage capacity, and can provide numerous buffs.

  1. Use a Boosting Service

Since a lot of the tips above need you to grind for experience and standing, gaining a comprehensive understanding of how all the game’s systems work on your own will take quite a bit of trial and error.

For dedicated MMORPG players, the secret, best way to get ahead is with New World boosting service. You can bypass the boring grind and keep making progress even when you’re at work or in school to immediately access the end game content.

By applying the tips from this article to boost your progress you’ll be able to breeze through New World’s early game content to quickly get into the end-game. Gather, craft, and sell to make money, and you’ll have a home and Company of your own in no time. Stay tuned for more New World content in the coming days and weeks.

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