Players Can Collide in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Update

Infinity Ward made a controversial change to player movements in CoD: Modern Warfare.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare is a project for Activision. After a long time, we are seeing Call of Duty destroying the multiplayer game market. This is due to very aggressive development techniques. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is publishing content nearly every week. Interestingly just like Fortnite. Currently, we are still in Season 1. This season is going great. Of course, us players thought that all the content will come at the beginning of the Season. However, Infinity Ward did not plan it like that. The content is divided, and nearly every week we are getting new content.

Modern Warfare
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Most of these content is based on the previous Call of Duty titles. Generally, famous maps like Shipment and Vacant came into the game. Also, the ones like Crash with a few touches here and there. This is what the players wanted. Currently, the game is at a good pace. We cannot wait for season 2. However, Infinity Ward just added something into the game, which made players angry. The player movements changed, and now players can collide with each other.

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Why did this cause such an uproar? Well, it is more realistic that’s for sure. However, in the end, Call of Duty maps are generally small, and even the ones at Ground War have tiny passages or covers, etc. When two players collide generally the stationary one is being pushed. This means either out of cover or to a claymore. For example, you and your friend are going up the stairs, and you realized that there is a claymore and stopped. If your friend did not realize the claymore and bumps to you, you will trigger the claymore.  This happens quite a few times more since the update. Also, players can block passageways, this makes the game unplayable in close quarters, for the majority of the players.

IW why did you make it to where teammates can now push eachother from modernwarfare

Players are now raging over this on Reddit. There are multiple responses to this thread. The particular change is very drastic, and it will affect player playstyles. Of course, it applies both ways for you and your enemy. However, it does not worth players dying because someone pushed them. On another note, there are multiple different solutions to this particular problem. Some players suggested that the collision should be based on the chest rather than the whole body. Cause right now if a player pushes you, they can push you even if you are crouching.

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Infinity Ward will certainly look into this. There might be bigger things coming into the game in the future. The leaked Battle Royale looks amazing. Many players will want to experience it for sure. However, Infinity Ward specifically explained that they are focusing on the multiplayer part. According to leaks, Raven Software will work on the Battle Royale title. Honestly, we cannot wait for the Battle Royale.

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