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Reset PS5 Controller: Ultimate How-to Guide

Facing issues with your PS5 controller? Let's make it right!

Hey you! Is your PS5 controller giving you trouble and do you wish to reset it? Let me tell you something. You’ve arrived at the prime destination. Resetting the PS5 controller is the solution for all your problems. Let’s get going and move towards the guide on How to Reset the PS5 Controller.

Reasons for Resetting the PS5 Controller

You could be resetting your PS5 controller for hundreds of possible reasons. This might be due to the connectivity issues, poor gameplay performance, lag in the control and coordination of the gameplay, or if you want to pair your PS5 controller to any other device or any weird glitches that you are facing. These issues could be very annoying and could hinder your overall gaming experience and cause the PS5 to fall short of your expectations, which you obviously don’t want considering you paid a lot of money for it. So we have put together a read-along guide on How to Reset your PS5 Controller. Recommend read for you: Sony User Manual.

Reset PS5 Controller
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Checklist to Complete Before PS5 Controller Reset

Before proceeding with the reset process, there are some must do troubleshooting actions which may solve the PS5 controller malfunction issue.

  • Pairing and unpairing the PS5 controller.
  • Look for the most recent PS5 software updates.
  • Checking the cable connections properly.
  • Turning the console on and off.

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Ways to Reset the PS5 Controller

You can reset the PS5 controller in two ways:

  • Soft Reset
  • Hard Reset

If you are going with the soft reset method, get another PS5 controller ready because you’ll need it to complete the soft reset process.

Option 1: Soft Reset

Soft resetting the PS5 controller is an easy-going process that can be flawlessly performed on the PS5 itself and does not require any external assistance. This option is perfect for resolving simple issues like Bluetooth connectivity issues. Follow along the given steps on How to Reset the PS5 Controller :-

  1. To begin with, disconnect the PS5 controller that is causing issues.
  2. On the other controller, press the PS Button in order to start the process.
  3. You’ll find yourself on the PS5 Home Screen. Now, press the PS Button once again, and you’ll arrive at the Control Center menu.
  4. On the Control Center menu, select the Accessories option and jump to the Controllers option in the accessories menu.
  5. From the controller’s list, choose the faulty controller.
  6. Now, select the Turn Off option. This will turn off your PS5 controller and the LED light on the controller will stop flashing.
  7. Now, pair the controller by following the pairing instructions given in the PS5 Controller handbook.

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Option 2: Hard Reset

This option to hard reset the PS5 controller comes to save your life when the soft reset method fails. This option returns the controller to its original factory settings. This method is the most recommended method of kicking out the PS5 controller problems and also the easiest one. Just follow along!

  1. Turn off the PS5 controller and unplug it. You can also Power Off the PS5 console.
  2. You will need a SIM ejector tool or a paper clip to perform the reset.
  3. Now, place the controller on a solid surface, turning it upside down. You will see a small reset hole just beside the Sony logo. Insert the sim ejector pin or the paper clip in that hole.
  4. To reset the controller, long press the button for roughly 5 seconds.
  5. Your controller is now back to its original factory settings. Now, pair the controller by following the pairing instructions given in the controller’s handbook that came along in your console’s packaging.

Congratulations! You have just performed a hard reset on your PS5 controller.

Still Experiencing Issues?

Our guide on “How to reset the PS5 controller” works in most cases and solves most of the problems out there, but there might be some rare cases where none of the reset processes work. This might be frustrating and worrisome for the PS5 owners, but this is the time that you walk right away to an authorised Sony Playstation Service Centre to get rid of all the PS5 controller related problems.

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