“RAN: Lost Islands” a 16th Century Battle Royale

RAN: Lost Islands is coming up with an exciting setting with Samurais and Knights.

RAN Lost Islands is coming from Jolly Roger Games and Zodiac Interactive. RAN Lost Islands is a Battle Royale Game set in the 16th century the era of melee weapons and firearms. Battle Royale games became a genre in the gaming community today. When PUBG was first released it broke records. Afterward, we have seen Fortnite which changed the scene considerably. We have seen big companies do Battle Royale games as well such as Call of Duty: Blackout or Battlefield V: Firestorm. Now we have Battle Royale games from each and every era and with different settings. If you want futuristic you can play Apex Legends, realistic PUBG, cartoonish Fortnite, historical Firestorm etc.

RAN: Lost Islands
Image Credit: Steam

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RAN: Lost Islands does look different. It features 100 players. Players are outcasts. Players are trying to survive also they’re looking for treasure. The game is coming soon and will be available from Steam. As we have said before it is set in the 16th century. It does look very nice. Players can capture the essence of the game easily. There are some rough edges obviously. But coming from an Indie company that is expected. The character models are stunning and you can feel the Japanese vibe. 

The game also offers some customization. RAN: Lost Islands has three different factions in the game. There is the European Empire, the Chinese Ming Dynasty and the Japanese Shogunate. Of course, these factions have different classes and they play differently. Europeans are much more knightly and Japanese outcasts look like Samurai. The game is set in the Age of Discovery, therefore, players will be able to use basic firearms as well as swords. Of course, the firearms are going to be Flintlock pistols and basic gunpowder rifles. However, even though they look like weak weapons it does look interesting. Because you have only one shot with a flintlock pistol. 

The game does offer several different mechanics. First of all, all players are trying to collect treasure. If you have the most valuable treasure, you will be hunted by other players. Secondly, there are 9 different classes, this changes the playstyle and makes is really versatile to play. RAN: Lost Islands is a 3rd person game. It is understandable escecially in a Battle Royale game with swords. Otherwise, you will get 3rd parties a lot. Players can use traps and barriers in order to eliminate or slow down their opponents. You can make small groups in-game in order to cooperate with different players to survive. There is dynamic weather in the game. Players can use boats as a means of transport. You can also use (of course appropriate with the era) horses to travel.

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The exact details of the map are unknown but from screenshots, we can determine that it does not look small. There are some mountain ranges and water zones. There are small towns and towers as well. RAN: Lost Islands looks like it is delivering the complete package of Age of Discovery. 

RAN: Lost Islands
Image Credit: Steam

RAN: Lost Islands does not have a specific release date. However, we can be sure soon because there are gameplay trailers all around the internet. We wish you good luck and may the best man win.

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