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Search and Destroy Call of Duty Tips: How to Win Every Game?

Welcome to the defusal squad!

Let’s jump right into the tips for winning every other game in Call of Duty Modern Warfare Search and Destroy. Before giving you the actual tips, I would like to introduce you to how Search and Destroy works in Modern Warfare. Although the rules are fairly similar across all Call of Duty games, Modern Warfare Search and Destroy has some special features and I think you should know them all.

  1. Every round of Search and Destroy lasts for not more than 120 seconds.
  2. There can be a maximum of 6 players in each team.
  3. The first team to score 6 wins is considered the winner.
  4. Of the two teams, one is assigned with the task of planting bomb at one of the two sites available on the map and the other team works to stop the attackers from planting. In case the bomb gets planted, the defending team has to defuse the bomb for scoring a victory.
  5. A team’s role is changed every 3 games. For instance, if you are attacking the objectives first, you will be able to do so for the first 3 rounds and afterward, your squad’s role will be switched to defending the bomb sites (for the next 3 rounds).
  6. Planting the bomb is not compulsory for attackers. If the attackers succeed to eliminate all the players in the opposing team, they would still be considered the winner.
  7. However, the defending team will have to diffuse the bomb even if they manage to eliminate all the players in the attacking team.

Now that you are familiar with the basic rules of Search and Destroy, you can go through the tips and tricks below, and let me assure you right now, noone will manage to stop you from winning in the next round!

Have a Loadout That Actually Works

Search and Destroy matches are short and therefore, you have to move around the map quickly and adapt promptly to whatever’s happening around you. It’s best to actually move around the map keeping an eye on the objectives if you are in the defending team and for those who are in the defending team, it’s important that they find a gap in the opposing team’s patrol and plant that bomb!

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So, this loadout of yours having a more than heavy PKM that you use for laying down suppressing fire for your teammates in a Ground War map won’t really cut it in Search and Destroy.

Try different loadout combinations and find the perfect pair of primary and secondary weapons that can be used in almost every situation.

Make sure that your loadout is balanced. For instance, you could have an MP5 for primary but it wouldn’t be wise enough to carry around a knife for secondary because MP5 itself is light enough to make you go fast. A knife (as the secondary) would come in handy if you choose to be the sniper in your team. You can’t really switch positions that quick carrying an HDR in your arms. Therefore, figure out your role in the team and pick the right loadout for what you plan to do.

Remember! Mobility is Everything in Search and Destroy

If your primary weapon does not offer mobility, make sure the secondary is pretty light. I don’t recommend you to go in with a PKM (with attachments aimed at improving accuracy at the cost of mobility) and an even heavier HDR. You can’t really be changing positions if you have those weapons. And yeah, don’t carry around a shotgun because everyone thinks that it’s childish. I, for one, think that it’s something worse than childish. Really? Just one blind shot? You can do better than that!

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Grab the Right Set of Equipment

Want to defend the bombsites with a smokescreen (plus two players guarding the smoke with thermal optics)? You might want to pack some more smoke grenades. Throw a gas grenade at the bomb site and the attacking team will have to wait for the gas to clear out before planting. In any way possible, try to slow down the attacking team. Being on the defending team, you can throw flashbangs at possible corners or alleys from where the attackers are more likely to appear. The defending players would definitely benefit from holding corners or certain portions of the map but the attacking team should constantly be on the move.

Search and Destroy
Image Credit: Activision

Claymores and Proximity Mines: Planting is sort of compulsory for the attacking team. The defending team should consider guarding their objectives with Proximity Mines and Claymores.

Perks: Choose the Battle Hardened Perk to take reduced damage from flashbangs, stun grenades, and EMP payload blasts. You wouldn’t really benefit from using the Recon perk in Search and Destroy since the maps aren’t that big.

Once you learn to use your equipment wisely and have a gun with the right amount of firepower and mobility in your hands, you will soon see yourself rising on the S and D leaderboards.

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Few More Tips to Get Better at Search and Destroy

  1. Do not rush unless it’s absolutely necessary. The most obvious route to the bomb site is never really the best. Plan your approach carefully and keep frosty at all times.
  2. Don’t throw your grenade as soon as the round starts. Most of the players in my team empty their reserves of equipment within the first 10 seconds.
  3. Always stay close to your teammates. Should you get killed, let them know immediately about the last known location of the enemy that picked you off.

Did you get better at Search and Destroy in Call of Duty Modern Warfare after going through this guide? Let us know in the comments below!

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