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Can’t Join World Minecraft Error: Fix it Now on Xbox One!

Encountering 'Can’t Join World' error on Minecraft Xbox One Edition? You are reading the right guide!

‘Can’t Join World’ error on Minecraft is mostly faced by players on Xbox One and there are two things you could do to have it under control. In case your friend is encountering this error while trying to join your game, forward this article to him and make sure both of you bookmark Gamers Suffice (we’ve got solutions to issues in most of the games).

‘Can’t Join World’ Error on Xbox One: Strick NAT Type

If your NAT type is strict, you will face problems while joining online multiplayer matches.

NAT (Network Address Translation) defines how data is shared between your console and other devices on the network. To give you a rough idea, players with ‘Strict’ NAT are only matched with those having an ‘Open’ NAT. Therefore, having a ‘Strict’ NAT means your connection is severely limited so the online multiplayer experience won’t be a bed full of roses for you.

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Checking NAT Type on Xbox One

You can check the NAT type on your Xbox One under ‘Network Settings’. In some games, (Call of Duty Modern Warfare, for instance) you will be able to see the NAT type in pre-game lobbies. Minecraft doesn’t have a built-in widget for showing the NAT type so the only way you can know what NAT you have is by heading into ‘Network Settings’.

Can’t Join World Error: Fixing by Changing NAT Type

Have a Strict or Moderate NAT? Seek assistance from your ISP for enabling dynamic public IP and making your NAT Open.

Changing the NAT type is no rocket science (you just need to enable dynamic public IP) but that is beyond the scope of this guide. We will have a separate guide for all things NAT on Xbox One. However, ISPs can sometimes bar their customers from accessing the router’s settings page and in that case, you would have to contact them to have your NAT type changed. Some ISPs even charge extra for dynamic public IP so check with your provider to figure out what plans they are offering (some of them even offer a dedicated gaming plan).

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Talking about NAT types, they are three:

  • Open
  • Moderate
  • Strict

Having an open NAT ensures that you can join your friends’ world on Minecraft without coming across any weird error.

If it says ‘Unavailable’ for NAT type under ‘Settings’, it means your console is probably not connected to the internet so you might have to restart your router to ensure proper connectivity.

Can't Join World Minecraft
Image Credit: Gamers Suffice

Xbox Network Account Restrictions in Place: Can’t Join Multiplayer

If parental control has been enabled on your Xbox Network Account and your mother decided not to let you play Minecraft with your friends, ‘Can’t Join World’ error is what you’ll get on your face! Have your parents put a checkmark before these two options in your account settings:

  • “You can create and join clubs”
  • “Join Multiplayer games.”

Should your Xbox Network subscription run out, you won’t be able to join any multiplayer matches and the console will redirect you to the payment page for renewing your subscription (in case you have turned off recurrent billing). If you have a child’s account, ask your parents to renew the subscription.

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