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Learn how to master the skies and improve your space combat skills in our Elite Dangerous Wiki

Elite: Dangerous is a unique game that lets you fly across endless space. The game’s world is just massive, and Frontier Developments have done a fantastic job of creating a beautiful and realistic world that you can explore. There are billions of star systems that you can explore with dozens of unique planets that you can travel to. If you get overwhelmed, then our Elite Dangerous wiki is here to help you out.

Elite Dangerous Wiki – Mastering Controls

More than anything else in the game, mastering your controller is what is going to make you a better player. If there is one thing that we want to emphasize on in our Elite Dangerous wiki, it is that you should tinker around with your controls and see how precisely you can control your ship. It takes a fair bit of skill to get good at Elite Dangerous, and we recommend putting in some into the game. Also read about, Conan Exiles Wiki, Battle Cats Wiki.

If you are playing the game on PC, we recommend using an Xbox One controller for best results. If you don’t have one, any good PC controller should do. But using a keyboard and mouse will be a nightmare as getting precise movement off on those peripherals is much more difficult than it is when using a controller. Simply learning the key layout will also take a fair bit of time to be prepared to invest all that time and effort into it.

Practice the Tutorials

Elite Dangerous
Image Credit: Frontier

If you played Elite Dangerous back in the day when it launched and keep coming back from time to time, we recommend revisiting the tutorial. If you are a new player on the other hand, we recommend going through the tutorial a few times. There are plenty of short tutorials that you can go through in very little time. The amount of information the game bombards you with at the start can be overwhelming, so we recommend doing it a couple of times at the very least.


If you want to make the most of your time in Elite Dangerous, you should try to check out how much effort you have to put in the controls into maneuvering. The Flight Training tutorial is quite well designed, and you can consider practicing in it instead of heading into the game directly.

You should try to make your movement as fluid as possible. It will take a while until you are able to maneuver yourself around all obstacles with ease. Different star systems have different layouts, and it helps if you put in the effort into learning what kind of map layout each area has.

Other than these basic tips, the strongest recommendation in our Elite Dangerous wiki would be to spend time exploring the galaxies as much as possible. The game rewards creativity and skill a lot. Try to figure out what kind of control style really suits your style and stick to it. At the end of the day, it is your game, and you choose how you want to play it.

We hope you enjoyed our Elite Dangerous wiki. Stay tuned for other wikis and content only at Gamersuffice!

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