Life is Strange 3: Will Max and Chloe Finally Return?

Life is Strange 3 may head into production very soon if Square Enix sees fit to carry on the franchise

Life is Strange 2 concluded just two days ago with Episode 5 bringing an end to an emotional tale of brotherhood, loyalty, and adventure. The verdict is out, and fans are happy with the season. The series has grown to be quite popular, and we have already seen two popular spinoff games coming out as well. But what about Max and Chloe? And will there be a Life is Strange 3? Let’s discuss this.

Life is Strange 3 – What to Expect

Life is Strange 3
Image Credit: Square Enix

Since the arrival of the original Life is Strange in 2015, fans have been asking for a sequel that brings Max and Chloe back to the picture. We did get Chloe and Rachel’s prequel story in Life is Strange: Before the Storm. But seeing Max again become part of the main storyline would be great. We may actually get to see the dynamic duo back in Life is Strange 3.

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The storytelling in Life is Strange is what keeps the fans coming back for more. Even though we did not get to see Max and Chloe for a very long time, the studio managed to keep the new season interesting enough that fans look at it as a true Life is Strange game. Would we mind if Chloe and Max didn’t return? No. Do we want to see them again? Of course! The developers have not yet confirmed anything we hope we get some good news by E3 2020.

Story Overview

Life is Strange 3
Image Credit: Square Enix

One of the best things about Life is Strange is that they bring together fantasy with our daily lives. Even though it is a fantasy story in each and every game that has released (with the exception of Before the Storm). The connection that it creates with the dialogue, the music, and the struggles of the characters make it feel all too real.

Life is Strange 3 is going to be no different, and we expect similar stellar writing in the upcoming title. The choice in music has been a hit with Square Enix being on point with the timing and the mood of it all. The visuals are great, as well. It all comes together well in all of the stories, and we can’t wait to get more of it.

When will Square Enix Reveal Life is Strange 3

Life is Strange 3 has not been confirmed yet. Neither has Square Enix said anything about working on a new game. According to Life is Strange Director Raoul Barbet, as well as lead writer Jean-Luc Cano, have confirmed that they are interested in working on a new Life is Strange game. But the decision lies with Square Enix.

We do not know the sales figures of Life is Strange 2 just yet with the latest episode coming out just two days ago. It will be a while until Square Enix decides if Life is Strange 3 was successful enough to warrant a sequel or not.

What are your expectations from the next Life is Strange game? Stay tuned for more gaming and tech content on Life is Strange 3 only at Gamersuffice!


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  1. Why don’t they do a crossover with lis 1 & 2 where you pick whether you want to be max or Sean with in lis 1 max didn’t save Arcadia and Sean made it to Mexico and Daniel didn’t and they need to get Daniel and have max and him use there abilities to save some place important

  2. its going to have a lot of works for dontnod and square enix. the only thing we could do is be patient of the story. i know some of us doesn’t feel satisfy of Max and Chloe’s ending which is both are sad ending. all we gotta wait is for Life is Strange 3 with new story line and everything. Just hoping they’ll make life is strange 3 to make the game is actually living. and hope we could see Max, Chloe, Sean, and Daniel. but its kinda complicated bcs life is strange 2 have 7 endings.. so yeah

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