NoxPlayer vs. Bluestacks – Which One Is the Best? Here’s a Detailed Comparison

Are you wondering which emulator to choose between NoxPlayer and Bluestacks? If yes, you’re in the right place. Read on to find out which one of the two is better and most suitable for your unique needs.

NoxPlayer and BlueStacks are among top Android games emulator in the market. Various detailed considerations go into choosing the best android emulator between the two because both perform perfectly well.

NoxPlayer was popular for its compatibility with Mac.


When the latest version of BlueStacks was released, it came with the same feature. However, in terms of speed and compatibility, BlueStacks has better performance than NoxPlayer.

You’ll experience exponential decay in performance if you run multiple instances in the NoxPlayer’s multidrive. Unlike when running in a standard or regular mode, Nox has poor performance in speed mode.

In this article, we compare NoxPlayer and BlueStacks to find out which one of the two is better. The two emulators are ranked high, atop being the most downloaded on app stores.

Nox was developed to help gamers download and access android game apps on PC. It was primarily designed with features meant to enhance your gaming experience.

BlueStacks emulator, on the other hand, was developed as an alternative to access android apps on PC.

The following reasons explain why both BlueStacks and NoxPlayer emulators are considered the best in the market:

  • The UI of both emulators is continuously being improved for higher compatibility with new android versions.
  • Both apps regularly update new features and quickly fix bugs.

Despite the android emulators ranking high, they can’t be exactly similar in performance; one definitely exceeds the other. To determine the better android emulator between BlueStacks and Nox Player, you have to consider their performance in various areas.

Here are a few factors for comparison:

Features of the Android Emulators

Both Nox Player and BlueStacks have several similar features. They include:

  • Multiple instances
  • Disk clean up
  • Key mapping, and several others.

But, BlueStacks is better in features because it allows you to change device profiles. It also automatically locks cursors in games involving shooting. The Nox Player is designed to be simple, making BlueStacks better in this area.

The Emulators’ Performance

The most recent version of NoxPlayer scored lesser than BlueStacks’, version 4, in the benchmark test. Nox Player had a score of 121410, while the latter scored 165000, making Blustacks better in performance.

Even when the older versions of the emulators are compared, BlueStacks still scores higher in the benchmark.

User Interface

NoxPlayer is easier to operate because it has a simple UI that allows easy customization and as you want. BlueStacks also has many customizable features, but depending on the size of your RAM.

Nox Player requires about 3GB hard disk and 1GB RAM space. On the other hand, BlueStacks is popular for loading computers because it requires at least 4GB hard disk and 2GB RAM storage space.

Performance in Gaming

BlueStacks has a good mix of graphics and processing power that enable it to run heavy games efficiently. It’s a well-balanced android emulator with an effective software that can support essential mapping controls.

NoxPlayer, on the other hand, can run FPS games smoothly and consistently. And, like BlueStacks, it can also efficiently support the controlling devices. It also allows for customization of controls, making it slightly better than BlueStacks in gaming.


Both android emulators have scored highly, with slight differences in the features discussed above. Therefore, it’s hard to point out one as being better than the other.

The emulator of choice depends on how you, the user, finds it and your computer specifications. Consider using both emulators to experience each, and be in a better position to determine the one that works for your unique needs.

If you’re a beginner in using android game emulators and your computer has average specifications, opt for NoxPlayer. Its system requirements aren’t as demanding as those of Bluestacks.

However, if you possess a PC with better and stronger specifications perfect gamers, opt for the BlueStacks Android emulator. It’s powerful and built to give you the best gaming experience, atop having an excellent app development.

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