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PS4 Not Turning On Even After Pressing Power Button: How to Fix?

Have a PS4 that refuses to turn on? Let's get to work!

You are all set to play your favorite game on the PS4, and it is just not turning on no matter how hard you push the power button. In this situation, you might have to spend several hours to find out what is causing the malfunction, and even there is a high chance that it will take a toll on your pocket as the process of repairing the PS4 is quite costly. 

So, if your PS4 is not turning on, do the following things to find out what’s wrong with your device, and eventually, you will also be able to get things back on track. Hopefully, your device will start running smoothly again.

Why is the PS4 Not Turning On?

If your PS4 is not turning on after pressing the power button several times then the underlying problem can be anywhere in the hard drive, software, and even in the power source of your console. Based on the problem, you would have to find the solution. You might have to replace the hard drive, or you may need to change the power source. Try troubleshooting the problem before taking it to a professional for repair.  Let’s take a look at some of the troubleshooting steps for turning on a malfunctioning PS4. ‘

Disconnect the Power Source

To quickly restart the PS4, you can disconnect and reconnect the PlayStation with the power source in quick succession. You can choose to either disconnect the cable hooks from the PS4 or can also unplug it from the outlet. After you press the power button on PS4, there is a high chance that things will get back to normal.

Check the Power Cycle

If the issue with the PlayStation 4 is nothing too serious, then power cycling can help you as it is a better option than simply unplugging the power source. Hold the power button of your PlayStation till the LED light indicator stops blinking. Once it stops blinking, you need to leave the device as it is for at least 20 minutes. Thereafter, reconnect the system. In most cases, it settles the issue. 

Change the Power Cord

In case both reconnecting and checking the power cycling don’t work,  you should understand that there might be an issue with the power cord that you are using. It might be what is preventing your PS4 from turning on. Replace it and your problem will be solved.

PS4 Not Turning On
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Look For Another Outlet or Power Strip

Sometimes, the problem lies in the roots, and we fail to recognize it. This can be the case here. Maybe it is not the power cord that is faulty and the problem might be with the power strip instead or even the outlet might have some underlying problem. So, try a new outlet or a power strip to turn the PS4 on. 

Put a Game Disc In

All of the troubleshooting methods discussed so far will help you solve the issue if the problem is external. In case there is an internal issue, then you should try inserting a game disc and your PlayStation might just pull it in. If that is not working, then there is a high chance that the problem is with the hard drive or there have been some internal issues with the existing files in the system.

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Safe Mode

Safe mode is present in Playstation 4 and it is there to diagnose any problem in the system. Once it gets activated, the device will start up without the installed software and existing drivers. Hold the power button longer than usual, and within a few seconds it will turn off. You need to hold the power button again and keep pressing the button until you hear two beeping sounds. This will boot up the device in safe mode. 

Clean Up the PS4

Dirt particles can accumulate inside of the PS4 and that might prevent the system from working correctly. Cleaning the device can sometimes help with troubleshooting. You can use a piece of cloth made out of microfiber or compressed air and even cotton swabs for cleaning purposes.

Fixing PS4 Not Turning On By Taking Out the Hard Drive

Finally, you can remove the hard drive from the PS4, and if after the removal, the device turns on, then you can be sure that the problem that you are dealing with is in the hard drive. Power off your device, and then use a screwdriver to remove the screws. Usually, the hard drive is located on the left corner of the device. After removing the screws, use the metal-made handle structure to pull out the hard drive from the PS4. If the problem is with the PS4, then you need to replace it. 

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Final Words

Just like any other device, Playstation 4 can develop some problems. Try troubleshooting the problem in the above-mentioned ways, and if none of them works and you are still unable to turn on the PS4 after pressing the power button on PS4, then you must take it to a professional. 

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