Shroud Will Stream From Mixer Leaves Twitch

Popular streamer Shroud moved to a new platform.

Streamers are our internet celebrities. 15 years ago, no one would think of something like this. However today there is a job called streaming. Streaming today is changing the world. For many people around the world, it is hard to accept it as a job. However, streaming today has its qualifications. However, today if you want to earn money from streaming, you need to be ready to commit for a very long time and even then you may not get what you want. But some people are born with natural abilities. And this helps them to play much better.

Therefore people watch them more for the amazing game moments or their personality quirks. This is a sort of show business. Streamers need to have a character to achieve something.

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Also, there is a lot of money going around streaming. To be honest, how much a streamer can earn has no definite answer. It does depend on how many viewers you have. But we do know this per subscriber to any channel Twitch is earning $2.5. Also, there are many ads. Therefore because of this insane amount of money going around, big companies are entering into the streaming world.

Microsoft Mixer is one of these. Players right now can stream from Youtube, Facebook, Steam, Twitch, and Mixer. These are the big names currently. However, as we all know the big portion is Twitch. But Mixer is on the rise. Mixer added Ninja into their roster. After years of unsuccessful promos, the addition of Ninja stirred things up a bit and gave a growth potential to Mixer. But now one of the biggest streamer Shroud also moved to Mixer.

Shroud posted a tweet about his new move. Former CS: GO player is known to play and master generally FPS games however you can even find him playing Minecraft sometimes. Shroud had more than 6.5 million followers on Twitch. We are unable to know the contract details for now. However, most probably Shroud got a pretty good deal, with a certain monthly payment guarantee. This happened before when Ninja moved to Mixer.

It is really interesting because Twitch is a much bigger platform than Mixer. However, these exclusive deals are hurting Twitch. Because Microsoft Mixer is just taking the big names to weaken Twitch’s position. Of course, this allows many players to shine and replace these big names on the Twitch platform. However, Shroud and Ninja were always among the Top 5 biggest streamers. They will draw in the viewers for sure. This will make the battle between these two platforms, much more intense. 

Twitch after losing 2 popular streamers, may want to sign a contract with big names. This can make things interesting. Twitch has some rules to stream. But they never tied down a player with a contract. But in the light of these events, it may happen because Mixer is hitting hard. 

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