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Welcome to our War Thunder Wiki where we discuss the best strategies and tips for War Thunder

If you love simulation games and would love nothing more than taking out enemies with tanks, War Thunder might be your jam. The simulation game lets you battle it out with tanks against hordes of enemies. It might look simplistic at first, but it is far from being easy. You have to put in a great deal of strategic thinking and concentration to ensure you are at the top of your game. And we are here to help you out with our War Thunder Wiki.

War Thunder Wiki- Basics

War Thunder Wiki
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The first thing you need to do is understand how all of the tanks work. There is plenty to understand the various stats that you have on your tank. Our first tip in our War Thunder wiki will be to go through all of the available tanks in-game and check out what they do. The armaments, thickness of armor, positioning, and other stats matter a lot. The difference between two equally skilled players will be their tanks, so you need to have a tactical advantage.

You can head to your Hangar and check out your tanks in x-ray mode. Try to understand what the specs of each tank are and figure out what suits your playstyle the best. If you are more of a brawler-style player, then you should look for more aggressive tanks that have a lot of armor and deal consistent damage. If you want something that fights at the range and deals hefty amounts of damage, you should look for long-range DPS tanks. Tank playstyle is completely personal preference, and there is no “correct” playstyle.


War Thunder
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One of the most underrated stats on tanks is speed. The speed and weight of your tank determine how mobile you are. You want your tank to be moving at all times instead of being a target in a shooting gallery. Slower and heavy-armor tanks need to have a more tactical approach. But fast and high-armor tanks can afford to be a little more aggressive.

The angles you take during fights is just as important as your mobility. You want to take advantage of your movement and take fights around corners. As expected, tanks deal a massive ton of damage, and the last thing you want to take a shot from an enemy tank to your face.

Learn to peek shoot if you want to master combat. Our number one tip in our War Thunder wiki would be to practice peek-shooting until you can pull it off consistently. Peek shooting is essentially a trick that involves shooting in and out of cover. You want to maximize your time behind cover while also dealing with maximum DPS. Fighting at 45-degree angles is heavily recommended if you want to take advantage of your positioning in fights. Once you can do it consistently, you will win most 1v1s whenever you engage your enemies.

War Thunder is one of the most fun simulation games, and we recommend that you check it out. For more wikis, guides, and gaming news, stay tuned to Gamersuffice!

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