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Mounts in World of Warcraft: Basics and How to Unlock Them?

Let’s get you mounted!

Learn the basics of mounts in World of Warcraft! Want to move from one corner of the map to another quickly? Mounts got you covered! But how are you supposed to acquire mounts and use them to your advantage? We cover the ABCs of mounts and tips to acquire them quickly in World of Warcraft in this guide!

Unlocking WoW Mounts

Riding a mount may seem easy at first glance but mastering the movements requires a considerable amount of practice. Upon reaching level 10 and purchasing Apprentice Riding after talking to a Riding Trainer, you can increase your movement speed by 60% using a Ground Mount (the same goes for swimming when you use an Underwater Mount). As you progress through the game, you can always return to Riding Trainers for upgrading your riding skills thereby improving your movement speed.

Flying Mounts are unlocked at level 30 and to use them, you will have to talk to a Flying Trainer. However, flying in certain areas on the map requires that you have Pathfinder skill and this can be unlocked by completing quests in that restricted area. Use of Chauffeured Mounts does not require you to visit a trainer. These Mounts were designed to be used by characters that are new to the game i.e., even the characters whose level is below 10 can use one of these.

Mechano Hog can be used by Horde characters while Chauffered Chopper is reserved for Alliance characters.

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Why Use Mounts in World of Warcraft?

Mounts are the way to go when you wish to move from one area on the map to a new questing area. Quests are placed far away from each other so you will have to travel a significant distance around the map in order to take up newer missions.

Mounts in World of Warcraft
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While Flight Points are unlocked after you make it to a bunch of Quest Hubs around the map, they aren’t really useful when it comes to fast-traveling to remote quests. Flight Points are helpful if you wish to fast-travel to a specific location on the map.

Most of the mounts that you obtain on your profile can be used by all of your characters. However, there are a few mounts that can only be used by a specific set of characters. Such mounts are referred to as Class, Race, or Faction specific.

Mounts can be used outdoors only. Your character will automatically dismount if you happen to enter a building while mounted. If the mount icon has been dimmed, you will have to move to a different area (preferably outdoor) to unlock it. Certain areas on the map have restrictions on riding and flying so there’s no mounting in such restricted locations as well.

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Different Mounts in World of Warcraft

There are 3 main types of mounts in World of Warcraft.

Ground Mounts: These mounts can be used for riding around on the ground. You could very well take a ground mount to water but your movement speed will take a hit. Taking a ground mount to locations where riding is restricted can result in dismounting. When on a ground mount, the only action you can perform is talking to quest givers. Try anything fancy like fighting or gathering resources and you will fall off.

Flying Mounts: These mounts are pretty similar to ground mounts except for the fact that they can fly. Make sure that you bring your flying mount to the ground before dismounting be causing getting off of your mount while flying means you will fall to your death.

Underwater Mounts: These mounts cannot be used on the ground as well as air. If you leave the water while on an underwater mount, you will end up dismounting. Underwater mounts add to your swimming speed and are very similar to Ground Mounts.

There are also a few special mounts in WoW.

Passenger Mounts: Accommodating more than one character at the same time, Passenger Mounts are the way to go if you are playing with a friend. While some come with extra saddle space, other Passenger Mounts take in the first player as mount, which can then be ridden by the second player. However, the mount’s movement is entirely controlled by the initiating player.

Class Mounts can only be accessed by characters belonging to a certain class. Class Mounts can be unlocked by completing quests.

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