5 Generations of Sony PlayStation Consoles Trademarked in Japan

The upcoming Sony PlayStation consoles have already been trademark and we can't wait to find out what kind of hardware they pack.

  • Sony just filed five trademarks for the sixth to tenth generation Sony PlayStation consoles for its future.
  • There are no specifications registered with the trademarks, and they simply act as placeholders for now.
  • The 5th generation PlayStation is set to launch in February 2020, according to reports.

Sony just filed four trademarks for the upcoming PS6, PS7, PS8, PS9, and PS10. That is a lot of trademarks considering the fact that each console lasts about 7 years of a product cycle, at the very least. We are currently waiting for the Sony PlayStation 5, which is expected to drop next year.

What Do The Upcoming Sony PlayStation Trademarks Mean?

Sony PlayStation
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For those who are wondering what the Sony PlayStation trademarks mean. They are essentially meant to be placeholders for five future generations of consoles. And if you are wondering, when the PS5 is launching, we have you covered as well. The five trademarks are meant to register the product names, and there are absolutely no product specifications indicated in any of those listings.

The next-generation Sony PlayStation was already patented years ago, and we can expect it to drop in February 2020. The product is not in the final stages just yet, and we have to wait and see what the final specifications are going to be. While the next-gen console will be announced in February next year, we won’t get our hands on the console until the holiday season.

Sony PlayStation Event
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The upcoming console will feature a brand-new Navi GPU along with an AMD Zen 2 CPU. The devkit has already been leaked in the wild, but it is highly unlikely that it will look anything similar to the devkit. All previous Sony devkit consoles looked drastically different from the final products, and we can expect the same for the PS5 as well.

Some of the other expected specifications include 8K graphics support, full backward compatibility, 4K gameplay at up to 120fps. Nvidia’s Ray Tracing may also become a part of the upcoming console, according to rumors. With AMD enabling Ray Tracing for its own GPUs, Sony may pull of ray tracing without actually using Nvidia GPU units in its consoles.

While we do not know the specs for sure as they have all been sourced from leaks, Sony has claimed that the upcoming PS5 is faster than Xbox Scarlett which is quite impressive. The Xbox Scarlett has incredible specifications and PS5 beating it out would mean it packs quite the hardware.

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