Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Might Revert Changes

Callof Duty: Modern Warfare might revert some of the changes.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was released nearly 10 days ago. Most of the reviews about the game are good. However, there is a portion of the community that is unhappy with the current changes. Call of Duty Modern Warfare brought many gameplay changes. The game was released on mobile as well. Most of the games are going mobile these days, even Apex Legends will release a mobile version. These changes are very easy to notice if you are coming from Call of Duty Black Ops 4. Also, some of the players state that they are unhappy with the current matchmaking of the game. These changes are affecting the casual user the most. Therefore we will take a look at the current changes and what might Infinity Ward do?

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Maybe the biggest invisible change is the SBMM( Skill Based Match Making). SBMM is a very interesting feature but currently, it is not enjoyed by a portion of the player base. This little feature allows for the game to matchmake you with players at your current skill range. This change is affecting everyone who plays the multiplayer side of the game. Generally, players who were boasting about their 3.5 K/D are unable to talk like that anymore; because the matchmaking is pairing them with equally good players. Currently, Infinity Ward is not making changes to this feature of the game.

The second biggest change was the HUD update. Call of Duty Modern Warfare Beta did not have a minimap. However, with the actual release of the game, we have seen that the minimap is back. This was good enough for some. However, the minimap did not come back as the previous CoD’s. The minimap does not feature little red dots of players shooting anymore. It is somewhat more realistic. Players need to find the location of the sound instead of relying on the minimap which is amazing. The casual player base did not enjoy these changes.Ā  According to leaks this mich the reverting back soon.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare
Image Credit: Infinity Ward

Time to kill or commonly known as TTK. Currently, Call of Duty Modern Warfare’s TTK is the fastest in the history of the game series. The TTK is on par with other FPS games. Many games like Rainbow Six Siege, for example, have a similar TTK plus one headshot mechanic. This change also made some of the community unhappy. They are stating that this is not a military simulation game. However, Call of Duty Modern Warfare chose to go for a more realistic approach.

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As you can see Call of Duty Modern Warfare is a masterpiece for some of the community and for some, it is the worst Call of Duty game ever existed. However, we have seen these problems for a long time in many game series. But as we have said before according to the leaks there will be many changes coming into the game and these changes will revert back. However, we are unable to tell how will Infinity Ward handle this? Currently, the game is going for a more realistic approach, therefore they are gaining some players from other games. However, if they go to a more arcade route, they might lose players.

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