Call of Duty Warzone Lite to Improve Performance on Xbox One and PS4?

With the new Call of Duty game running at terrible frames on last gen consoles, Activision may be doing something to solve the issue once and for all.

Why Call of Duty Warzone Lite?

Call of Duty Warzone does not run at a stable 60 frames per second on the current generation consoles and the only thing that would fix this issue may be a graphically downgraded version of the game i.e. Call of Duty Warzone Lite. The frame rate usually drops to the lower and mid-40s on both PS4 and Xbox One when lots of things happen on the screen. Therefore, console players are not able to have a proper battle royale experience with Call of Duty Warzone. The new battle royale game from Activision is severely advanced in terms of graphics so these old consoles are struggling to handle it. However, Tencent solved a similar issue on PC by releasing PUBG PC Lite and we are expecting an analogous move from Activision. Call of Duty Warzone has already been tweaked enough on consoles so it does not even run at 1080p. Reducing the texture quality further would only make the game look worse and probably bring up rendering issues. Therefore, Activision has only one option left to enhance Call of Duty Warzone experience on consoles. They will have to release a lite version of the game and make life easier for everyone. Will Activision compromise on graphics and rather focus on the performance of Call of Duty Warzone on consoles?

For the love of Warzone! HDR vs AX-50 vs Dragunov!

Call of Duty Warzone is a fast-paced third-person battle royale game. All of these battle royale games are meant to be played at straight 60 frames per second or even more.

You may have seen this statement in one of those ads for RTX cards.

‘Frames win Games’

If the battle royale games run at lower frames on consoles, then it can be said that players are not having an optimum experience.

Call of Duty Warzone Lite
Image Credit: Activision

Call of Duty Warzone Lite Gameplay Mechanics

The gameplay mechanics would remain exactly the same in the lite version. Only the graphical aspects of the game would be changed. The contents will be rendered carefully so that the console is able to handle the game at a constant frame rate even when a lot of firings and bombings happen on the screen. While playing Call of Duty Warzone, do you even care about how that tree on the sidewalk looks? Getting killed by an opponent while your console runs short of frames while rendering the shadows of the buildings on the street or the bullet marks on the wall does not sound cool. Therefore, real players will let go of the graphics and want stability in frame rates.

You may have had this error with Warzone on PS4! Error CE-34878-0: Fix This on Your PS4 and Get Back on the Game!

Call of Duty Warzone Lite Performance Boost

Xbox One and PS4 are too underpowered to run the new Call of Duty Warzone. If a lite version of the game were to be released, it could easily be played on a PC with specs as low as 4 gigabytes of RAM. The same less demanding version could then be released on the consoles. Xbox One X also struggles to run Call of Duty Warzone at steady frame rates. Does that mean the console players are at a grave disadvantage because they can’t run the game at solid frame rates? Yes! And it will remain the same until Activision decides to release a lite version of Call of Duty Warzone on current-generation consoles. Would you love to see a lite version of Call of Duty Warzone on consoles? Let us know in the comments below!

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