Diablo 4 Leaks Roundup: Everything You Need to Know

Blizzcon 2019 is set to feature Diablo 4 with three classes available at launch and more news to follow

With Diablo 4 due announcement at Blizzcon 2019, here is a rundown of all the leaks that we have access to over the months. The sequel in the popular Diablo franchise is expected to release sometime in 2020 unless Blizzard decides to speed things up ahead of its release schedule.

Diablo 4 – Leading Up To Blizzcon 2019

Diablo 4
Image Credit: Blizzard

If you are a Diablo 2 fan and have been disappointed by the current state of Diablo 3, you are not alone. The common complaint among fans is that it is not dark enough. According to the leaks surrounding Diablo 4, we will be going back to the roots of the original Diablo 1 and 2. Things will be much darker and gorier in the sequel.

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All of the leaks are courtesy of an anonymous redditor, PracticalBrush12, who revealed all the juicy tidbits about the game. Diablo 4 will be very similar to Diablo 2 aesthetically with grittier environments that look and feel horrific. Cult caves and corpses will be commonplace to add to the grim setting that the Diablo world should have.

Diablo 4
Image Courtesy: Blizzard


The leaks by the Redditor lines up perfectly with all previous leaks, making them totally believable. One of the new additions to the game will be WoW-style mounts. We will be able to ride horses across the maps at launch. We do not know yet if there will be more mounts available post-release, but we can only hope.


PvP will play a major role in Diablo 4, and if you want to master in-game combat, be sure to keep an eye out for our Diablo 4 wiki after release. For those who do not want to engage in PvP, the good old PvE will be available as usual. For those who are new to the franchise, you can expect co-op gameplay with a party of up to 4 people being allowed during the campaign and endgame activities.


Blizzcon 2019 will feature the upcoming title so stay tuned for our coverage on the game. Other leaks suggest that there will be only three playable classes at launch, including a Mage, Druid, and Barbarian. Classes like Necromancer or Monk will not be available at launch, so if you have been looking forward to them; you may need to wait a little longer. We are hyped for the game and can’t wait to see what it offers to diehard fans of the franchise who have been hyping up the sequel for years.

Despite all the hype and leaks, we recommend taking everything with a grain of salt. Even if they have authenticity behind them, Blizzard may choose to hold off on the announcement. Regardless, we will keep you updated with everything you need to know over the coming weeks. We will also push out our Diablo 4 wiki post-launch, so stay tuned for that!

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