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Should I Buy DAYZ in 2020?

DAYZ is one of the best survival games out there. The game has been around for a long time now. There have been various changes to the game. DAYZ improved much more than usual games. This was particularly because of the number of bugs present in the game. After years of problems the game still has numerous bugs. However Bohemia Interactive is still working on it. This game also gave birth to some interesting games. The most notable one being PUBG. The game has been around for 6 years now. The game has won several awards in the past. However, even though it is a very good game some problems were never resolved.

The latest problem is the DAYZ Livonia DLC. This DLC created an uproar among the player base. The thing is players did not expect this DLC at all. Also on top of this, the DLC is only purchasable. DAYZ has an active community with over 10000 players online each day. But the problem was that DAYZ fans first wanted Bohemia Interactive to solve the problems within the game. The idea of a full-priced DLC created a huge uproar among the community just for this reason. The game has been around for 6 years and there are still a lot of bugs and problems. These problems are stated by the community for some time now.

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Also, we have to keep in mind that DAYZ has a lot of competitors in the market now. Particularly Rust took a lot of players from the community. Rust community is consisting of younger players. Rust has the building mechanic minus the bugs. However, the game is also deeper. Bohemia Interactive is trying to compete with them. However currently this seems out of question. Because Rust is very well optimized while DAYZ is not. Also, there are other survival games out there with different settings and themes. One another example is Raft. “Raft” is also trying to compete with these games, with an interesting setting.

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We need to keep in mind that DAYZ just won a Steam award also. The award for best with friends is won by DAYZ. This alone gives hope for the future of this game. However, the development of the game is very slow against other games. When we take a look at the development cycle of this game, we need to check that this game has been in the Steam Early Access program for 5 full years. This was a huge problem for the community. But on the other hand, there are no other titles that can give the full immersion of a survival game. DAYZ is extremely realistic. The future of DAYZ is currently feeling stable. However, can the game still compete with the upcoming games in the future? This is a hard question to answer. But there is hope for the future of the game.

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