The Ultimate Guide to Winning Solo Matches in PUBG

Every gamer in the world has heard of the phenomenon that is PUBG; even casual gamers know what PUBG is, such is the popularity this game has amassed since being released to the public in 2016. PUBG still continues to top the downloads charts even after several new games in the first-person shooter battle royal genre have been released since then.

But while PUBG might have the most downloads and devoted fanbase, it does not mean it is an easy game for one to play. In fact, these very reasons make it almost impossible for one to win solo matches in PUBG. One can squeak out a win or two in team matches with capable teammates, but that is not the case with solo PUBG. Only an individual’s grit, determination, and tactics can help them get that chicken dinner.

So, if you are someone struggling to win solo matches in PUBG, here are some best PUBG cheats and tricks that will surely help you out.

  1. Do not spend time looting in one place.

A common mistake made by solo players is they spend a lot of their time looting just like they do in their squad game. The squad game is different as you would have your teammates help you out if you are ever under attack. That is not the case in solo games, as even a slight miscalculation can have you knocked out. PUBG is a fast-paced game which means you have to be even faster in your looting, especially in solo mode. As soon as you drop in, take what you need and get out of there as it is highly likely other combatants are reaching that exact position, and you do not want to be in a gunfight that early in the game.

  1. Heal only when necessary.

Yes, you read that right; you should only heal when necessary. It is often the case in solo PUBG games that you will be sniped by an enemy combatant as soon as you start healing. There are three different types of healing kits in PUBG, and they have different application times; bandages take 4 seconds, first aid kits 5 seconds, and medkits take a full 7 seconds to apply. In a game where every second counts, you need to ensure that you are in a secure location to apply these healing kits.

  1. Find the weapons that suit you the best.

In squad games, more often than not, one member has to be the designated sniper of the team while the others would be more of a brawler, but that is not a strategy one can apply in solo mode. So, it becomes even more essential that you find the weapon that suits you the best. If you are a sniper, then look for the right attachments and store them in your bag for future use. Being equipped with the right weapons and equipment will be the difference between winning and coming close.

  1. Pick your battles wisely.

Yes, it is another thing that you should keep in mind. You do not need to fight it out with every other combatant you see on the map in solo mode. While in team matches, you would have to do it as the chances of the enemy team spotting anyone of your squamates would be significantly higher, and it is always better to be the attacker than defending in an open area. But that is not the case with solo matches; you could ignore the enemy if they are not within your range, and the chase would result in your location being discovered. Remember, the aim is to stay alive the longest, not get the most kills.

  1. Choose the best position.

The key to winning in PUBG solo mode is to find the best position on the map where you can not only take cover and shoot down the approaching enemies but also stay safe from the chaos happening on the outside. Once you find the perfect position somewhere in the middle of the circle, you should not move out of it unless you have. The target here is not to get in too many firefights, which will severely impact your chances of surviving to the very end.

  1. Invest in a pair of good headsets

One thing you can take advantage of in PUBG is the sound effects of the game. PUBG allows people to hear the footsteps of the people if they are in nearby locations, which can be extremely helpful in solo mode as you would be able to hear the enemy coming to you because of the noise they will make due to their movement. That is not the only thing you can hear in PUBG, as by investing in a good pair of headsets, you can hear gunshots, cars, and much more.

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