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Welcome to our Fallout Shelter Wiki, where we take a look at one of the most popular free-to-play games for mobile and PC. It is very similar to survival games you may have tried on popular platforms with some classic Fallout twists. You get to build your Vault and act as its Overseer. It is your job to constantly expand your Vault and keep all of your citizens who live in your Vault happy. The game released on June 14, 2015, and it still enjoys a very large and dedicated player base. A Windows version of the game did not release until 2016.

Fallout Shelter Wiki

Fallout Shelter Wiki
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The gameplay in Fallout Shelter Wiki is very similar to the likes of SimCity and XCOM. The whole concept of Fallout Shelter revolves around your role as an Overseer and focuses on expanding your vault. Depending on your performance, you get a rating at the end of each night cycle in-game.

Survival Guide

Fallout Shelter
Image Credit: Bethesda

Our Fallout Shelter Wiki has you covered with recruitment tips, resources, and power gauge control tips to ensure you have an easy time with the game and build the strongest Vault out there.

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Recruitment: The fastest way to get access to more dwellers who will join your Vault is through giving birth. You need to get a male and female dweller to live in the same Living Quarters. It takes three hours for a child to be born and yet another three hours for it to become an adult whom you can use for further birth purposes with other new dwellers. The downside is that any of your dwellers who are pregnant will not be able to fight in case you are being invaded by other settlements.

Resources: One of the most effective ways of keeping your dwellers content with your way of managing things and your Vault is to keep all resources in full stock. You want all of your resources to be stocked above the amount required for consumption to ensure there is no shortage ever. You need to continuously work towards more resources else your dwellers will start dying.

Not all resource rooms are the same. Each resource room can have specialized stats they make use of. If you put in more powerful dwellers in low-level resource rooms, you will notice lower cooldowns and vice versa. You need to balance your dwellers with your resource rooms based on the level and size of the room. You also need to match the special affinity to ensure you get optimal progress.

Power: The ultimate resource in the game is, of course, Power. You should work towards collecting more power generations to ensure you have enough to sustain all the power that you collect. There is a power gauge that you need to keep an eye out. If it turns red, the rooms will not function normally anymore. If it goes completely dark, you will not be able to retrieve resources anymore. It is a thin line to tread, and you may end up destroying your entire Vault if you are not careful.

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