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Hitman 3 Connection Failed Error: Fix it Now on Windows 11!

Encountering connection issues in Hitman 3? We have fixed it already!

A lot of gamers are getting Connection Failed Error while playing Hitman 3. Whenever the players try to play Hitman 3, they get kicked from the server and get this error. If you are frustrated by seeing this error and don’t how on earth you are going to fix it, then you’re at the right place.

What Does “Connection Failed” Error Indicate?

Many gamers have noticed the Connection Failed error while they were playing the Hitman 3 game. Gamers experienced this error while they were in the gameplay or when they were trying to start a session by logging into the game. This usually happens due to a bad connection of your PC/Console with the Hitman 3 server. This error can affect the gamers significantly as the game’s progress is automatically saved to the server and if the server stops working, this may put gamers at risk of losing their progress.

Hitman 3 connection failure is very annoying for most of the gamers and yes, we have experienced this error too. There is no fault of players, it is something which is not in the hands of people.

Can I Run Hitman 3 Without an Internet Connection?

Hitman 3 has a story mode that can be played independently. In the Options menu, head to Privacy options and choose Opt Out of the Privacy Policy to be offline every time when you play the game & you have an option to Opt-In too, so whenever you wish to play online, you can turn that on.

You will have the same experience while playing Hitman 3 offline, but there are certain things that you should keep in mind. When you play Hitman 3 in offline mode, your game score will not be saved. Thinking about sharing those scores and comparing them with your gaming friends? You won’t be able to do that in offline mode.

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Reasons for Connection Failed Error in Hitman 3

If you are unable to play Hitman 3 online and getting the connection failed error every time, this may be due to the below-listed reasons.

Server Problems

Since the begging of the launch of the game, Hitman 3 servers have struggled to remain online consistently and serve the gamers. If you get the connection failed error every time, maybe it’s not your fault but it’s due to the bad server of Hitman.

Internet Connection Glitch

Some players won’t face the server issue but instead, face irregular internet connectivity issue on their ISP’s end. Like the server problem cannot be solved on your own, this problem also needs you to be patient.

Local or Home Network Connection Problems

You are bound to get some sort of connection failure error in Hitman 3 if

  • Your PC/Console has lost internet connectivity.
  • Your Wi-Fi router has become unresponsive.
  • You have subscribed to a plan with less connection speed.
  • Your network’s signal is intermittently dropping.

Firewall Obstructing the Internet Connection

Add an exception for Hitman 3 in Windows Defender Firewall if

Hitman 3 Connection Failed
Image Credit: Gamers Suffice

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Rigid Security Software

Do you have strict and hypersensitive security software or any antivirus installed in your system? That may stop Hitman 3 from connecting to its server.

Methods to Fix Connection Failed Error in Hitman 3

If you are getting the connection failed error and you are really tired of seeing the error message, then you can try to fix things up with the following methods.

Verifying the Server Status

This is the one thing that everyone must do, we advise each and every Hitman player to check if Hitman 3 remote servers are up and running. We always advise you to follow the official Twitter handle of Hitman 3.

Try Restarting the Router

If you figure out that there aren’t any server issues, you should try restarting the router and refreshing your internet connectivity.

Troubleshooting Your Internet Connection

You might also face the connection failed error due to an outage on your ISP’s end or any maintenance issue. Your PC/console will also struggle to keep up a strong internet connection if the internet speed is too slow.

If you’re the only one who is getting connection failed error during your playtime while others are not facing any problems, there are high chances that you have a bad internet connection with a very slow speed.

Configure Firewall to Not Block Hitman 3

Sometimes, the Windows Firewall blocks the remote servers of Hitman 3. Make sure that your Windows Firewall is not blocking the servers. To check the firewall settings, just go through the below-listed steps.

  • On your PC, open Windows Defender Fireball.
  • Exceptions for different apps and games can be added on Windows Firewall by clicking on the option that says ‘Allow an app or feature…’ found on the left pane of Firewall’s Window.
  • Search for the Hitman 3 in the list and ensure that the box for Private is ticked.
  • Click on Change settings button if you don’t find Hitman 3 in the list.
  • Click on Allow another app.
  • Locate the installation folder of the game and add the Hitman 3 executable file. Try running Hitman 3 and check if the error still persists.

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