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How To Unban Someone on Minecraft

Minecraft is seeing a huge resurgence and has even surpassed Fortnite as the most-searched game on YouTube. However, with more players playing the game, we are also going to find trolls, cheaters, or users with no regard for community rules. Such players can really ruin the gameplay experience for others, which is why the admin or OP might end up banning the notorious player.

However, in most cases, permanent banning can be too much of a punishment. Maybe the player in question didn’t properly understand the community guidelines, which is why they acted inappropriately. 

Whatever be the case, it would be best to give that person the benefit of the doubt. You can ban them, so there is no further issue, and then unban after a while. This also gives the player time to go over the community rules and learn why they have been banned in the first place. 

But with that being said, how to unban someone on Minecraft? Even though it is a very simple and rudimentary thing, it isn’t that intuitive! 

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For example, if you are on the game admin command, you can ban a player by simply typing in /ban [player-name]. This is even easier in the control panel console command where you can simply type in – ban [player-name]. However, you can’t unban them with the comment /unban [player-name] – that won’t work! 

How to Unban Someone on Minecraft?

Well, this basically depends on how the player was banned in the first place. Minecraft allows you to either ban the player based on their name or IP address.

How To Unban Someone on Minecraft
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Commands to Ban Someone in Minecraft

To ban a user by their player name, the OP needs to enter the following command in their respective places –

#In-Game Admin-Command

/ban [player-name]

#Control Panel Console-Command

ban [player-name]

This is useful when you want to prevent that username from re-entering the server. However, nothing is stopping the player from rejoining using an alternative account.

This is where IP banning comes in which is done using the following command:

#In-Game Admin-Command

/ban-ip [player-name]

#Control Panel Console-Command

ban-ip [player-name]

Using this command, the last known IP used by the banned players will not be allowed to access the server. However, this too can be bypassed if the player is using a dynamic IP.

Therefore, for a more effective ban generally, both methods are used. And so, in most cases, to successfully unban the player, you need to unban their name as well as IP.

Commands to Unban Someone in Minecraft

Now to unban the player name, you need to use the following command:

#In-Game Admin-Command

/pardon [player-name]

#Control Panel Console-Command

pardon [player-name]

Whereas, to unban the player IP, you need to use the following command:

#In-Game Admin-Command

/pardon-ip [player-name]

#Control Panel Console-Command

pardon-ip [player-name]

In Conclusion:

So this basically sums up how you can ban and unban players on Minecraft. We hope this was useful, and it helped you in creating a more fair and friendly gameplay experience on your server. Read Next, Tekken 8: Everything You Need to Know About The Upcoming Fighting Game.

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